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This is where you will be able to find out more details about the features we talk about in our release notes.

We will continuously be updating this page with any new features found in the accounting area.

March 2018 - Show filters before results are seen

To speed up page loading and filtering for reports, choose to open the page with no results and the filters open. This can be activated at Settings > Company > Other options for the following reports:

  • Accounts payable (aged creditors)
  • Accounts receivable (aged debtors)
  • Inventory detail
  • Inventory summary
  • General ledger
  • Sales tax detail (US only)
  • Sales tax (US only)
  • Audit trail


March 2018 - Export reports without viewing first

When requesting a report it can be sent straight to export without first viewing the results on screen. This means no waiting for the report to load and no second step needed to send it to Excel. Simply apply the filters and hit Export instead of Filter.

March 2018 - Ad-hoc check printing from bank payments (US only)

With ad-hoc check printing a single check can be printed from a bank payment.

Learn more about bank payments and check printing


Once the bank payment has been entered it can be printed from Vendors > Vendor payments.

March 2018 - Enter first check number when batch printing

When batch printing checks you are now able to enter the first check number and ensure that each Brightpearl transaction has the correct check number applied.


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