4.93 Release Notes

In this final release of the year, we’ve continued to prioritize performance and stability ready for the busy holiday season. We’ve also made a few smaller changes that build on and improve the handling of order payments.

eBay setup : now choose a payment method for payments instead of a bank account

In previous releases, the eBay integration used a payment method code of PAYPAL, which required that you had this payment method setup if you wanted also to have Sales Receipt journals associated with the order. You can now choose any payment method you like.

We recommend that you keep the payment method as PAYPAL, and if you are using multiple currencies, you should create a bank account in Brightpearl for every currency you receive PayPal transactions in, and then set up your PAYPAL payment method appropriately with these foreign currency bank accounts. For more information, see the guide to multi-currency accounting.

We now create adjustment order payments when an order is “under-invoiced”

This can happen when you take payment for an order, then decrease the order value before invoicing. Prior to this release, the order still showed as overpaid, even though the overpayment was split off separately in accounting as an extra SR journal line with reference “ovr_xxx”. Orders under-invoiced after 4.93.0 will also have an order payment created against them with the payment method code ADJUSTMENT, to bring the paid amount on the order to be the same as the order total.

You don’t need to have this payment method in your system, but it’s handy for other purposes. If you do use the payment method, don’t give it a bank account because you don’t want accounting transactions in addition to the ovr_xxx lines. You can also use this payment method for other purposes if you wish.

Delete order payments

You can delete order payments if no journal has been created and linked to the payment. Additionally, when canceling an SR or PP journal that has linked order payments, you are given the option to delete the associated order payments. Re-cancelling a journal that has already be canceled will behave in the same way.

New option for batch purchase orders

You can now opt to only purchase items on order that are not in stock. This feature is especially useful for those who have limited warehouse space and only want to order in items they have space for. It also helps to keep spend down if you are temporarily reserving stock for customers who have not confirmed or paid for their orders by only ordering what you know you do not have.


Improved date filters on the goods note page

We have added relative dates, to and from options and the option to filter by when a goods note was fulfilled/released, shipped, or delivery date. We have kept the default the same as it was before (fulfilled/released to today), but give you the option to set more wide-ranging exception reports such as monitoring what you have shipped the previous day, what is due the next day etc.


Multi-select shipping method

When filtering for orders or goods notes you can now multi-select shipping methods, e.g. if you have four different methods for next day delivery and you want to ship them in one go.

Quick links added

A couple of small time savers, which hopefully you’ll find very useful;

  • Under the order payment totals on the order screen, you can click to view all payments for an order.
  • When viewing a journal relating to an order, you can now click straight through to the relevant order.
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