Navigating Brightpearl POS

POS has been designed to be easy to use and have intuitive functions where you would expect to find them.

The main screen is split into two sections: a product look-up screen on the left and traditional till functionality on the right. As products are entered, either by scanning barcodes or typing details in, they will appear in the product look-up screen or be added directly into a basket.

A quick tap on a product from the look-up screen will add it to the customer’s order, referred to as their basket, and the breakdown of what the customer is due to pay will appear at the bottom-right of the screen.


Alternatively, a long press will bring up a pop-up screen where you can choose to view your inventory levels for the product (in any of your warehouses) as well as their exact location or information about the product (such as material, brand etc.) direct from the product information page record in Brightpearl.

Tip: You can reserve the goods for a customer who intends to pay later by tapping on the options menu (three red dots) and selecting Hold current basket. Then, when they are ready to pay, just tap the same part of the screen and recall the order.

If you choose to add a customer profile to the sale, you can easily do so by tapping “Add customer profile”.

If the added customer has a different price list than the store’s default, and/or has a profile discount, the related notification icons appear next to the customer’s name. You can choose to switch to the customer’s price list if wished, as well as switch back to the default store price list and apply the customer discount.


Once all items are in the basket, click the three dots and then Fulfillment to open the fulfillment modal where you can specify any item in the basket to either be shipped later from your selected warehouse or marked as being on back order. In the same screen, you can select the customer’s address and add details for the delivery (shipping method, cost and delivery date).

When the order is complete, tap the Pay button and you will be taken to the payment screen. The customer basket will shift to the left-hand side, and your payment methods will be available on the right as well as several "quick cash payment" buttons. Simply choose the appropriate payment method and the receipt will print out (if you have a printer connected).

Tip: Because POS is online, if your printer is connected to your network you don’t need to be on the shop floor to print receipts. Customer calls up and pays for an order over the phone with you in the office? No problem; put the order through POS, email the receipt to the customer, and the receipt can be printed and attached to the products ready for collection or shipping.

After the sale has been completed, you have the option to assign the completed sale to an existing or new customer (if you haven't already), email the receipt or start a new sale.

The “sale complete” screen shows the total sale amount as well as the change given if the quick cash option was used.


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