Magento 1 extension release notes

This is where all changes made to the Magento 1 Brightpearl extension are listed. Information on the new features can be found here.

1.8.2 March 2021

  • API dropping support for pipe "|" character

1.8.1 December 2020

  • OAuth fails after upgrade

1.8.0 April 2020

  • The Import goods-notes and Reconcile shipments interactions stall if the product has been changed in Brightpearl
  • Foreach PHP error being thrown during reconcile shipments interaction.
  • Log completion time unknown during crash / Bulk inventory wouldn’t sync
  • Bulk stock import command line shell script

1.7.0 May 2019

  • Magento 1 no longer supports base folder (flint_interactions 2.4.1)

1.7.0 August 2019

  • New: Implement OAuth2
  • New: Import Brightpearl settings interaction imports statuses that are not appropriate to be mapped
  • Fixed: An issue where import goods notes seem to be shipping incorrect value when an item has more than 1 QTY
  • Fixed: Import and reconcile goods-notes interactions stall on Magento simple linked to nested Brightpearl bundle
  • Fixed: Real-time stock update sets Qty to zero for unexpired SKUs
  • Fixed: Payment::load method signature incompatible with Magento

1.6.0 August 2018

  • New: Previously custom options were simply added as a note on the order row in Brightpearl, even if the custom option was a product which needed to be shipped. Now, when a custom option on a product is an additional product those items will now be added to the order when it is created in Brightpearl by matching the Magento dynamic SKU to a bundle in Brightpearl.

1.5.0 July 2018

  • New: Import shipment details for Brightpearl bundle linked to Magento simple product

    Simple Magento products connected to Brightpearl bundles will import shipment details into Magento once all bundle components have been shipped in Brightpearl.

  • Fixed: Some product prices were ignored during price import

    We fixed a bug that was causing valid products to be skipped in the price import. Valid prices were returning with a value “no price found in list [3].”

1.4.0 May 2018

  • New: Support for custom fields on customer object
  • New: Choose whether contacts are updated or not on order export

Read more about these new features

  • Fixed: Set shipping carrier when importing shipments
  • Fixed: Zero the quantity for missing SKUs when importing stock levels
  • Fixed: Report writer permits carriage returns in serialization

1.3.0 March 2018

  • Undefined variable: idle during import prices using extension 1.2.8
  • Export Order Payment interaction fails if Magento order ref contains a forward slash /
  • Change log status from ERROR to NO_RESULT for order status import where not mapped
  • Command line runner for price importer

1.2.8 November 2017

  • Bug #133: Report elapsed time is always zero

    The report will now display the correct elapsed time.

  • Feature #135: Detect unchanged prices during price import

    This performance enhancing features means that the price import will skip over products where the price is unchanged. This means that the import can complete faster and handle more SKUs.

1.2.7 November 2017

Bug #121: Reset product visibility on price update

1.2.6 October 2017

Bug #65: Notify customer function isn’t emailing customers

Feature #112: Support order notes/comments on M1

Feature #124: Add custom field mapping to M1 (Beta)

1.2.5 July 2017

Bug #108 Price import errors with certain price fields

1.2.4 May 2017

Bug #66: Price import issues with configurable products

1.2.3 April 2017

Bug #70: Price import error: Call to a member function getValue() on a non-object

Feature #51: Adjust price list validation mechanisms wrt tax

Feature #55: Price Importer should merge group and tier prices when executed manually (edited)

1.2.2 April 2017

Bug #33: Filter on interaction log trigger column causes exception

Bug #34: Price import via cron does not execute

Bug #47: Skip attributes config tag mismatch

Feature #49: Add phone number to customer contact details

1.2.1 April 2017

Feature #8: Mechanism to configure SSL strictness for MITM attacks

Feature #10: Support for http auth 

1.2 March 2017

From this version onwards we will also be packaging release notes as a readme file 

Config changes

1. New *Shared : General settings* section

2. New *Shared : Goods notes and drop ship notes settings* section

3. Moved *Shipping carrier mapping* from *Interaction : Activate shipping notifications update* to *Shared : Goods notes and drop ship notes settings*

4. Moved *Notify customer* from *Interaction : Activate shipping notifications update* to *Shared : Goods notes and drop ship notes settings*

5. Renamed *Activate shipping notifications update* section to *Register integration webhooks*

New interactions

1. Import goods-out note (specific) 

2. Reconcile shipments

3. Reconcile orders

4. Import order status (real-time)

5. Import order status (bulk)

These interactions can also be triggered manually

Before installing

Take note of current *Brightpearl channel* in *Interaction : Export order* and *Shipping carrier mapping* in *Interaction : Activate shipping notifications update*

After installing

Configure *Brightpearl channel* in *Shared : General settings*

Configure *Shipping carrier mapping* in *Shared : Goods-out note*

Execute *Register integration webhooks* to register newly added order status update webhook

1.0.3 January 2017

We have added support for further more calculation methodologies such as calculating tax on prices including tax and calculating discounts before tax.  

We have also fixed a couple of customer specific issues.

1.0  October 2016

18921: Support item level discounts

Previously discounts were spread across products evenly.  We are now bringing in the row totals so the discounts are reflected in the rows they are given matching Magento 

18914: Add email notifications for all Order Interactions

You can now set up email notifications for all order interactions.

Beta 0.7.4

This version has been superseded by and is functionally identical to launch version 1.0 

Beta 0.7.3

18305: Problem with slashes in SKU products

Beta 0.7.1

18418: Brightpearl settings import get struck at nominal code

Beta 0.7.0

17476: Remove Batch Size on Export SKUs interaction

17855: Allow regular expressions to be used in Shipping method mapping

18040: Add in the logs explanation about the Channels filtered

10849: Interaction tab is not listed on Roles Resources list

17759: Stock message on bulk and real-time stock interactions

17771: Export SKU interaction released

17832: Add salutation/title to order export

17833: Amend admin order export interaction screens

17834: Enhance shipment notification - option to email customers when items are shipped

17835: Bring 'Newsletter Subscribers' status to Brightpearl

17836: Trigger order creation from API created orders

18041: Admin Export order payments interaction can be sent manually by typing Order increment id

Beta 0.6.5

17671: Modify Shipping carrier mapping - Brightpearl Shipping dropdown

17745: Put 'put_back_instock' in shared config and make it visible

17694: Format timestamp in Admin product page

17685: Option to skip product with Manage Stock = No

Beta 0.6.4

17475: Show the decoded authorization token on the configuration screen

17507: Gift card purchased by shopper

16661: Introduction of new Order Status Export Interaction

16909: Order Export Interaction to optionally force order

17192: Modify Stock Time-to-live (TTL) configuration for real-time interaction

17320: Filter Channels by integration type

17333: New Payment Export interaction

Beta 0.X

2nd testable version: orders, stock, shipping and payment

17557: Import Brightpearl settings Interaction - Shipping methods

17569: When sales receipts are disabled for a payment method, checkout either hangs or succeeds in the backend but fails to take the store customer to the success page

17684: Stock status not updating

Alpha 0.X

Stock importer, testable on alpha customers

16908: Add a cron default setting (once a day at 3am)

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