Processing a return/refund/exchange


If you have the original receipt number or details about the original transaction then you can search for the transaction in the Sales History and generate a refund from the original transaction.

This will link the refund back to the original order when it get posted back to Brightpearl. If you don't have the original transaction details you can add a refunded product to the basket.

Products that are refunded are automatically added back into stock. You can add a return reason to the refunded product that is saved against the order as a reference. If a refunded product is not available for re-sale then adjustments will be required in Brightpearl back office.

Refunding from an original transaction

  • Swipe left to right to access the management menu.
  • Tap 'Sales History'.
  • You can search for the receipt number or customer or the transaction date as well as scan the receipt barcode for the transaction that you want to refund.
  • Tap the ‘More Options’ button at the top right of the screen (three blue dots).


  • Tap ‘Refund’.
  • Select the products and quantities that you want to refund.

  • Tap  ‘Create refund’ at the top right of the screen.
  • The products selected will be added to the basket along with the customer associated with the original transaction and any discount that was applied to the products. If the original transaction was not associated with a customer, the user will have to assign a customer if it’s configured in the back office to be mandatory.
  • You can now add further products to the basket prior to completing the transaction.
  • If you want to cancel the refund then tap 'Cancel refund' at the top right of the screen.


Adding a refunded product into the basket

  • You can refund a product in any basket by tapping any product in the basket list.
  • Tap on the product in the basket and press the ‘+/-’ button to switch the quantity to negative.

  • Press ‘Update’ and the product will now be refunded in the basket.

Processing an exchange

  • Create the basket with the refunded product using either of the 2 options above.
  • Add the product that you are exchanging with the returned product.

  • If the product being exchanged is the same price as the item being returned then no payment is required. Tap ‘Pay’ and a receipt will be printed.
  • If the exchanged item costs more or less than the returned item, then proceed to the checkout screen by tapping ‘Pay’.
  • The difference for the customer to pay or to pay to the customer can then be processed.

Processing a refund to PayPal Here

Currently, refunds to PayPal Here require the payment refund to be processed through PayPal Here iPad app. The transaction can be processed as per the above process in Brightpearl POS app, but when the PayPal Here payment method is used to complete the refund, it will only create a manual payment in Brightpearl and not initiate the transaction on the integrated payment device.

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