Connecting hardware

Prior to connecting your hardware you can check that your devices are compatible here.

Your printer, scanner, and integrated payment device can be connected either using our hardware settings page in the app, or in the iPad's bluetooth settings. Our hardware settings page includes instructions on how to easily get your hardware connected.

Our hardware settings pages can be accessed from the management menu in the iPad app by swiping left to right on the screen while you are in the basket screen. 

From the hardware settings screen you will able to set up:

  • Printer TSP654II Bi
  • Scanner: Socket 7Ci
  • PayPal Here integrated payments


If you are connecting your devices through the iPads bluetooth settings then these can be access from Settings > Bluetooth on the iPad.

Connecting your printer

Follow the instructions on the printer option in hardware settings.


Connecting your scanner

Follow the instructions on the scanner option in hardware settings. 


Connecting your PayPal Here reader

The PayPal Chip Card Reader can be used with Brightpearl POS.

Follow the instructions on the printer option in Card Reader settings. 


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