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Setting up store users

Once you have set up your store you can assign your users. 

You can assign users to POS Store(s) at Settings > Staff / Users > Staff list. Click on the name of the user and then complete the relevant POS fields:

  • Max % Discount

This will set the maximum discount that the cashier can apply to the basket once the line and basket discount have been applied.

  • POS Store(s)

Check the POS box to enable the user to be added to one of more of your stores.

  • POS PIN (6 digits)

Enter the 6 digit PIN that the user will login in to the POS. 

  • Role

Assign either the 'Cashier' or 'Manager' role. See below for the additional functions that can be performed by a manager.


Managers and cashiers

There are 2 available roles when setting up store users. A cashier can access all the functions on the POS except the following: 

  • Authorising discounts for cashiers
  • Cash management actions
    • Opening register and adding a float
    • Adding or removing cash from the till
    • Opening the cash drawer
    • Printing or viewing end-of-day reports
  • Overriding the list price on a product in the basket

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