Import goods notes and drop ship notes (real-time)

When items are marked as shipped in Brightpearl a notification is sent to Magento to trigger the extension to make the update to the relevant order in Magento.

Shipping updates

Shipping updates are made every time an item is shipped on a Magento order in Brightpearl. This will add a shipment to the order in Magento. If your Magento account is configured to do so, the customer will then be updated.

Shipping methods

Shipping methods must be mapped between Brightpearl and Magento. When the order initially downloads into Brightpearl it is assigned the shipping method as indicated by Magento. However, the shipping method may be changed within Brightpearl depending on what happens during order processing. When the items are shipped in Brightpearl, the shipping method used for each shipment will be sent back to Magento to indicate what really happened.

Tracking references

If a tracking reference is recorded on the shipment in Brightpearl, it will be recorded on the shipment in Magento.

Partial shipments

Orders in Brightpearl can be split into multiple shipments. If this happens, the details of each individual shipment will be sent to Magento, and only the items which were shipped will be marked as such.

You can also manually run the interaction to import individual goods-out-notes if required. To do this you'll need the goods out note ID from Brightpearl.


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