Order, quote and invoice templates

Templates are used to customize the layout and content of documents and emails you send to your customers and suppliers.

Create as many templates as you need for quotes, pro-forma invoices, invoices, purchase orders and even things like 'work orders' if you need to send order information off to a workshop for customization or manufacturing.

Read first : Creating and editing templates

Also see : Assigning templates to sales channels and shipping methods

Order custom fields

You can add custom fields to sales and purchases and products, and then display this information anywhere you like on templates; Quotes, Invoices, goods-out notes and so on. When you create a custom field, you're given a code that starts with PCF_. Use the select-menu on the template edit screen to insert a custom field at the cursor, or manually type the widget code _PCF_MYCODE_. Product custom fields can only be added to the product table.

Video : Quote, order and invoice templates

Introduction to order templates in Brightpearl; learn how to set your default templates, creating a new template, custom fields on order templates, adding columns to the table of products, editing templates with HTML and CSS, tips for working with templates.

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