Getting started with contacts & CRM in Brightpearl

This introduction to contacts, which are your customers and vendors (suppliers). All of these topics are covered in detail in the Contacts & CRM documentation.

If you have already had a go at other Getting Started exercises you may have a few contacts - customers and vendors (suppliers).

All of your data will be reset after your trial period to clear these entries and prepare to go live.

Create a new customer

You can store all details for a customer in Brightpearl so you know they're in one place and you don't need to update several address books or databases. Let's create a new customer:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen click the Quick Add icon MWSnap072  and select Customer . Enter the contact details:
    - Company:  Apollo
    - First name:  Sandra
    - Surname:  Dee
    - Email:
    - Phone number:  1-888-320-5069
    - Owner: Select yourself as the owner of this contact.
  2. Click the green Save changes button in the top-right.
  3. You will notice that there are several tabs on the contact edit screen, use these to add further contact details.
  4. Just above the tabs you will see the Add a tag link. Click and select a tag for the contact.
  5. Click the Save changes button. If you leave the page without saving your information will not be retained.

Create a new vendor (supplier)

Vendors (suppliers) are added in the same way as a customer.

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen click the  Quick Add  icon  MWSnap072  and select  Vendor/Supplier . Enter the contact details:
    - Company:  Pegasus
    - First name:  Hugh
    - Surname:  Laurie
    - Email:
    - Phone number:  1-888-320-5069
  2. Click the green  Save changes  button in the top-right.
  3. You will notice that there are several tabs on the contact edit screen, use these to add further contact details.
  4. Just above the tabs you will see the  Add a tag  link. Click and select a tag for the contact.
  5. Click the  Save changes  button. If you leave the page without saving your information will not be retained.

Search for & view your customer or vendor (supplier)

We can search for a customer or supplier record in Brightpearl by entering the details into the Quick Search box in the top-right of the screen. For example:

  1. Select Customer from the drop-down then type "Sandra" or "Dee" or "Apollo" in the search box and hit enter or click GO . You'll see your contact listed.
  2. You can display a quick view bubble for the contact by clicking on the small arrow by the company name, or click on any part of the name to open the contact record in full.

You can search using part of the contact first name, last name, company, email address or postcode.

Search for vendor (supplier) the same way, but make sure you select Vendors/Suppliers  from the Quick Search drop-down.

Create & use tags

Tags are used to help organize your contacts into groups, you'll be using tags a lot to keep everything under control. You can tag contacts with one or more tags and there is no limit to the number of tags you can add. Follow these steps to create a new tag , which we will then add to our contact Sandra:

  1. Go to Customers > Customers by Tag > List/edit Tags .
  2. Click the Add a new tag button.
  3. Enter the name of a new tag. Let’s call it "VIP Clients"
  4. Select Customers  from the drop-down menu to set this tag as a subset of our Customers.
  5. Use the color wheel to select a color and then the shade from the square in the middle.
  6. Click Save Tag .

We'll now add the tag to the customer we just created.

  1. Search for the customer.
  2. When your customer is listed you'll see a link to Add a tag under the company name, click the link and then choose one from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Your tag will be added. Simple!

Create and apply tags to vendors (suppliers) in the same way.

Viewing communication history

We use the Brightpearl Timeline to keep track of notes and activities for a client, and see all interaction with them. The timeline will show everything in one place, meaning that you don't have to hunt around to find out the latest information. Types of history you'll see include:

  • Notes added by you or colleagues
  • Changes of contact status
  • Quotes and Sales
  • Emails sent/received by you and your colleagues
  • Payments received
  • Calls, meetings and follow-ups (activities)

Let's imagine we made a phone call to our customer entered above, and add a note .

  1. Search for the contact "Sandra Dee".
  2. Click the contact name to open their record. You are automatically taken to the contact  Timeline tab .
  3. Click the Add Note link. Type in a summary of the call that you just had with Sandra e.g. "Sandra would like to discuss the 2013 contract. Please call back ASAP".
  4. Click Save changes to save the notes to the timeline.

You can easily move between tabs within the contact record before saving without losing your note; this is handy if you are making a note whist on the phone with a contact and need to add a phone number, address and so on.

View the communication history and add notes to vendor (supplier) records in the same way.

Schedule an activity or event

Use activities to help organize important work so that nothing gets forgotten. Follow these steps to add an activity for us to return Sandra's call.

  1. While you are still in the timeline for Sandra click the Add Activity/Schedule call link.
  2. Enter the title of the activity, such as "Call with Sandra Dee".
  3. From the dropdown, select the type of activity; if it's an important call that you want to set a reminder for, select Call .
  4. Specify which staff member the activity is for - select yourself. (When you have added more staff members you will be able to assign tasks to them).
  5. Select the date and time the call is scheduled for, say, tomorrow at 11:00.
  6. Enter any additional details or instructions in the space provided.
  7. Click Save changes . This will close the activity box and take you back to the timeline.
  8. The new activity will be shown in the Activities information box on the right-hand side.

To view your "to-do" list , hover your mouse over your username at the top of the screen and click My Tasks .

Apply notes and create activities and events for vendors (suppliers) in the same way.

Apply a customer status

All customers should be assigned a status to help you understand which of your leads are your hottest prospects. We have provided you with popular set of statuses, which you can view and edit by going to Customers > Customers by Status  click List/edit Statuses to view or amend the statuses.

Follow these steps to update a contact's status :

  1. Search for a contact and open their record.
  2. The Status information box is on the right-hand side, select the status from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save changes .

To view all contacts on a certain status

Go to Customers > Customers by Status and select one of the statuses listed here. You can get a feeling for how many contacts are in each status in a chart form by viewing the Customers Dashboard, accessible from the Customer menu. Clicking a section of the pie chart on the Dashboard will take you to the list of contacts with that status.

Batch update

You can update the data for several contacts at once using the batch update menu. Follow these steps to batch update:

  1. Create a new customer and add the VIP Client tag to them.
  2. Choose to view all contacts with the VIP Client tag by going to Customers > Customer by Tag and selecting VIP Clients .
  3. Select the checkbox next to each of the contacts.
  4. Above the listing click the  Add Note  button.
  5. In the pop-up window type some text (QuickNotes can be added using the drop-down menu, these are standard notes that can be saved to speed up adding notes).
  6. Click the Add note button.

A green message box will be displayed to indicate the number of records that have been updated so you know that it worked.

Batch process vendors (suppliers) in the same way from your Vendor/Supplier Listing, go to Vendors/Suppliers > List all Vendors/Suppliers .

What else can you do with contacts?

You can also manage contacts using imports, connect Brightpearl to Mailchimp for marketing, use various reports and filters to view what customers are buying and spending.

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