4.90 Release notes

Great news! Your next Brightpearl upgrade is getting close and it’s jam packed with new features, improvements and bug fixes - configurable columns, preset views, product archiving, not to mention the numerous improvements to accounting and order processing.

We’ve kept you waiting, but for good reason - this release is one of our biggest yet and one of the most complex upgrades we’ve done. It’s been no secret that we’ve been working on introducing full multi-currency support and whilst there are a huge number of changes you can see, there are also many you can’t...not yet anyway!

So here are our 4.90 release notes - and they are long. We’ve also got plenty of additional documentation to help you learn more about the changes and make sure you’re ready for your account upgrade - and there is plenty that you will want to know about.

Do I need to do anything?

There are some important changes to Brightpearl which will need your special attention to ensure you get the most out of this upgrade. For some of these changes you will need to do staff training and others will possibly mean your apps need updating. Please download our 4.90 Upgrade Guide to find out what you will need to do before and after your account is upgraded.

If you are a developer, all API changes are listed in the release notes. Please see our 4.90 & 4.91 API changes guide to learn more about what you will need to update on your apps.

If you have any questions or concerns then we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch via Support@brightpearl.com.

Watch our release video

When will it be released?

We are currently in our final round of testing and expect the upgrade to be widely available towards to the end of May to early June. We’ve shared our release notes much earlier than we have in the past so that you have plenty of time to be ready for the coming changes.

Features, improvements & bug fixes

  • New filters, column customisation & preset views
  • Product statuses & archiving
  • Products display all price lists
  • Drop-ship improvements
  • Order payments, payment methods & payment lists
  • Foreign currency to base order total conversion
  • Reset, migrate & begin to use the Brightpearl accounting module
  • Journal types
  • Amazon Canada
  • Taskbot
  • General accounting improvements
    • Auto-updating & fixed exchange rates on orders
    • US balance sheet improvements
    • Default invoice template per contact
    • US chart of accounts import
    • Journal assignments applied consistently
    • Landed cost reports shows inaccurate actual landed cost
    • Improved nominal code drop-downs
    • Zero value invoices
    • Batch purchase invoices
    • Write-offs/adjustment only transactions
    • Customer statement templates
  • General order improvements
    • Order dates now easier to understand & always editable prior to invoicing
    • Total stock quantity count now also displayed on purchases & credits
    • Batch deleting goods-out notes
    • Display stock quantities on purchase order rows
    • Send cc, bcc emails
  • General contact improvements
    • EOM Credit terms improvements - templates & contact import
    • New fields when adding a staff member
  • Other improvements
    • New sales reports permission
    • Order payment status displayed on product info pop-up
  • General apps & app store improvements
    • Amazon payments & fees
    • eBay global shipping program is supported
    • PayPal app now shown in the App Store
    • Sagepay app now shown in the App Store
    • New filters & messaging in the App Store
    • Warehouse types
    • Warehouse zones
  • API improvements
  • Deprecations
    • Customer > Take payment, and Supplier > Make payment screens have been removed
    • Add new quote or invoice is now add new order
    • Order refs on journals are locked
    • Account balances on chart of accounts no longer display by default
    • Payment method field has been removed from contacts
    • Customer/supplier financials screen is now the GL filtered
    • Recent payments are no longer displayed on customer/supplier payment allocation screen
    • Show hide/mapping codes & the IRIS report have been removed
    • Amazon refunds no longer supported
    • Customer quick invoice/credit reference
    • Flat Rate VAT (FRV) setting
    • Repeat transactions are no longer supported
    • Obsolete cost price field on POs has been removed
    • EPOS payment report changes
    • Remove obsolete setting for cash till
    • Add new price list from price list selector has been removed
    • Channel filter on accounts payable (aged creditors) report has been removed
    • Release payment filter & batch action from sales list has been removed
    • Bank activity chart has been removed
  • Bug fixes
  • 4.87 & 4.88 point releases
    • 4.87.14
    • 4.87.15
    • 4.87.17
    • 4.87.20
    • 4.88.1
    • 4.88.5
    • 4.88.8

New filters, column customization & preset views

Speed up your daily tasks by saving personalised preset processing lists with predefined filters and custom columns. Create exception lists for finding records which need action. Get the data and results you need in less time.

Learn more about what you will need to do to be ready for 4.90

select preset

save preset focus

  • Use relative date filters such as “last week” or “last 30 days” which means your preset views and favourites are always current

relative dates

filters config

  • Save the sort order of a preset listing view so results are automatically displayed ready for processing

Learn more detail in our support documentation

Learn more about what you will need to do to be ready for 4.90

Other improvements on listings include:

  • A standardised filter layout so you’ll always find the same filter in the same spot
  • Even more multi-select filters

So far these improvements have been added to the following screens, but more will follow:

  • Sales and sales credit lists
  • Purchases and purchase credits lists
  • Sales detail
  • Purchase detail
  • Customers list
  • Supplier list
  • Sales Analysis (by product)

Product statuses & archiving

The most voted for feature on our development board is to provide the ability to archive products that are no longer sold. We now introduce product statuses - Live or Archived. When a product is archived it will hide it from all the necessary screens and features in Brightpearl, but maintain all historical reporting data. We’re looking to add more statuses in the future such as “Pre-order” or “Winding down” so watch this space.

product status

New features include:

  • New status field on products
  • New status filter on the product list (defaults to Live to exclude archived items)
  • Batch updating the status for multiple products
  • Using the product import to set product status

For more details on when products can be archived, when they will be auto-activated and how channel listings and orders will be affected please see our support documentation

Products display all price lists

Up until now once you’ve added your 15th price list you will no longer see the whole list available to edit on a product record. This meant that you could only manage those price lists by using imports. Now, once you’ve added 15 or more price lists you’ll see the new UI where it’s possible to view and edit any price list by selecting it from a drop-down menu. If you have 14 or fewer price lists you’ll still see the tabs. Note that when using the drop-down menu you’ll need to save the product between editing each price list.

price list

Drop-ship improvements

We’ve made various improvements for better handling and control of drop-ship orders.

New features include:

  • Handling for partial shipping of drop-ship orders allows you to confirm some of the items on the PO as delivered
  • Send a shipping update email to your customer when confirming shipment of the drop-ship PO (when “Mark as shipped” button is activated in Purchase Settings)

drop ship mark shipped

  • Notes added to the sales order to indicate the shipping update email was sent to the customer

SO DS notes

  • Set a default template for emailing drop-ship shipping updates to customers

Channel brand templates

Order payments, payment methods & payment lists

Order payments changes how and when orders are marked as paid. You’ll be using payment methods with a streamlined workflow for payment gateways plus Brightpearl will now handle of the auth and capture workflow. Even with auth only payments you’ll see the order payment status is updated, and a pending payment amount exists, but the accounting won’t be created until there is a captured payment.

You will need to ensure that anyone processing or allocating payments in Brightpearl and anyone using the accounting module understand these changes before your Brightpearl account is upgraded. You should also be aware of what you will see immediately after your account is upgraded - to ensure no workflows are blocked we’ve created all the necessary details but you will probably want to review those.

4.90 - Order Payments - what you need to know and how to be ready for 4.90

New features:

  • Work with payment methods instead of bank accounts

take payment methods

  • Map bank accounts to payment methods to ensure the accounting is posted to the correct code. With the introduction of multi-currency a bank account for each currency may be chosen on a single payment method
  • Connect payment gateways to payment methods so that the gateway is automatically accessed when that method is selected for processing a payment

settings payment methods

  • Record auth only payments in Brightpearl (currently Authorize.net only but more being added), in the future we’ll also be adding the option to capture these authorised payments from Brightpearl
  • More informative order payment statuses ensure you know which orders are ready for shipping

order payment status

  • New order payment lists for customer and supplier payments made against orders

order payments report

  • Easily cancel or reverse payments

cancel order payment

Learn more about setting up payment methods and processing payments in our support documentation

Foreign currency to base order total conversion

Brightpearl have updated the calculation method used for converting foreign currency order totals into base currency.

Up until now foreign currency order totals were converted to base by converting each row and then adding them together. This meant that, due to rounding on each row, the order total could be different than if you simply converted the overall order total straight to base. This sometimes meant that discrepancies were seen between the order total and the payment. With Brightpearl close to releasing multi-currency functionality this is one of the problems we were keen to fix.

Learn more about how this has changed and how it will affect existing orders

Reset, migrate & begin to use the Brightpearl accounting module

Due to the technical changes made for order payments it means that we are more easily able to clear down your accounting data ready for you to start using Brightpearl accounting and you won’t lose any of your order payment details. If you’re interested in upgrading to Brightpearl accounting please contact success@brightpearl.com

Journal types

With a wider range of journal types it becomes easier to recognise how or what a transaction represents.

New journal types now in use which were all previously JJ:

  • GO - Goods-out
  • PG - Purchased goods-in
  • SG - Sales credit goods-in
  • IA - Inventory adjustment
  • EX - Expense claim
  • VR - VAT return
  • LC - Landed cost

View a full list of journal types and how to be ready for 4.90

Note that historical journals will retain their existing journal type of JJ, and all new journals created in 4.90 will use the new journal types. When filtering the general ledger by historical data ensure you include the relevant journal types.

Amazon Canada

You can now expand your sales and connect Amazon Canada to Brightpearl. All the existing features of the Amazon app are supported.


Taskbot is a processing robot which handles tasks such as generating reports or batch processing records. Taskbot takes the task and allows you to continue working on something else in Brightpearl while it is being completed. Moving these processes to Taskbot also improves performance and allows for larger batches and exports can be handled.

You can visit Taskbot to view all of the processes you’ve requested, view current the status, see details of any errors encountered. We’ve started by migrating just a few tasks to Taskbot and will be transferring more very soon. In 4.90 the following tasks are handled by Taskbot:

  • Batch updating order statuses (sales & purchases)
  • Batch allocation
  • Batch fulfilment

You will know when a task is being handled by Taskbot because a green message will let you know a task has been created and provides a link to where you can view the status of that task - in Taskbot. If you want to visit the list of processing or completed tasks at any time you can find it under My Tasks, found on your username menu. Note that this screen was previously used to display your personal to-do list - activities, events and calls - you will now find these under My Events, also found on your username menu.

taskbot task request

General accounting improvements

Auto-updating & fixed exchange rates on orders

When a foreign currency order is created it is assigned the system exchange rate. This exchange rate is used to provide an estimate of what the total order value is in base currency. Currently, the order rate can be manually edited as required and at the point of invoicing it’s the rate on the order which is used for the final base currency value and to create the accounting.

In 4.90 we are introducing some early multi-currency changes which mean that the exchange rate seen on the order is not necessarily the final exchange rate that will be used for conversion and for creating the invoice accounting. When a foreign currency order is created it is still assigned the system exchange rate and before the order is invoiced the exchange rate can be manually edited at any time to recalculate the estimated base currency value. What’s new is at the point the order is invoiced the rate will automatically be updated, unless the rate is set as “Fixed” (set per order).

fixed echange rate

Note: These changes are being introduced are for sales only. Although the new “fix” checkbox will be shown on purchases it is not functional.

Learn more about exchange rates on orders in our support documentation

US balance sheet improvements

We’ve tidied up the balance sheet in the US format so that it’s easier to read.

us balance sheet

Default invoice template per contact

It’s now possible to set a default template per contact. This means you can define which invoice template is used for each customer. If a template is set on a customer it will override the one set on your channel brand.

contact invoice template

US chart of accounts import

As part of the migration to using Brightpearl you will need your chart of accounts created in Brightpearl. Due to some problems with the process in the US the chart of accounts had to be entered manually, but we’ve fixed all of the issues and made it available once more.

Journal assignments applied consistently

The journal assignments are the lead source, channel and project details assigned to a journal. These are useful for filtering your profit and loss report and analysing performance in different areas. We identified some inconsistencies with the way they were assigned which could lead to misleading results when filtering the general ledger. As part of the multi-currency project we have been able to tidy up these assignments to ensure consistent and correct reporting. This is how they are assigned by Brightpearl:

  • Journal assignments are set only on journal rows using a profit & loss account types (sales, purchases, expenses)
  • Journal assignments will not be set for journals affecting only balance sheet account types (assets, liabilities, capital & reserves)

Why not assign them to balance sheet codes?

Profit & Loss transactions only relate to a sale or a purchase, and therefore can only have one channel, lead source, project. Whereas balance sheet transactions, i.e. assets such as stock, move around the business, from a purchase to a sale to credit etc. Each of which can have different assignments. What goes into stock for one project can come out on another. Filtering the balance sheet by a project won't give an accurate representation of the assets for that project. Similarly, for bank accounts, money in assigned to one channel won't come out on the same channel, so the balance of that bank account for that channel will not be accurate.

Landed cost reports shows inaccurate actual landed cost

The landed costs report displays estimated landed costs and actual landed costs. The actual landed costs figure was not being correctly calculated. This value will now display the values actually posted to accounting for each landed cost reference. You must ensure that your landed cost references are unique for the value to be correct calculated.

Learn more about the landed cost report changes

Improved nominal code drop-downs

For faster searching and selection of nominal codes you will now find a search field at the top of the drop-down menu (not displayed when the list is restricted, for example a list of bank accounts).

Zero value invoices

Brightpearl will now allow zero value sales invoices (handling for purchase invoices will be added in 4.91). This is important for ensuring that the correct accounting is handled for invoices for which the overall balance is zero, and no payment is required, but where revenue and discount both need to be recognised.

Batch purchase invoices

When receiving a purchase invoice across multiple purchase orders you’ll notice some changes to the journal which is created. Previously a single entry was made to 2100 Creditors Control/Accounts Payable, but now you will see it broken out per order. This will only be the case for new invoices, all historical journals will remain as they are.

Now that the journal rows are separated out per order it means we are able to better handle the allocation of the payment per order- we’ve fixed the bug where paying the batch invoice wouldn’t mark the orders as paid. However, any batch purchase invoices that were received before 4.90 will still have to be corrected manually.

You’ll also notice some changes when actually allocating the payment - you’re now able to view the invoice as a single row or you can view the individual orders. If you’re going to part pay the invoice you’ll need to specify which orders are to be paid so the payment allocations can be correctly made in the orders module.

batch purchase invoice payment

Write-offs/adjustment only transactions

The payment allocation screen can now be used to make write-offs and adjustment only transactions (e.g. bad debt or exchange rate gains or losses). Previously a balance on a customer or supplier account could only be written-off or posted as an adjustment, when it was processed along with a payment amount.

allocate adjustment only

Customer statement templates

Last year we introduced the outstanding items customer statement. To use this feature you needed to select a separate template when generating your statements. We’ve now merged them together, so you only need one template. On that template include the widget _statementDetails_ and then you can select your statement preferences during the process of printing/emailing your statements.

Note that the _outstandingStatementDetails_ widget will continue to work.

General order improvements

Order dates now easier to understand & always editable prior to invoicing

Every order will now show three dates and this is how they work:

  • Created date - set as the date/time the order was created. This is the point the order is placed by the customer, so will be the date/time taken from a sales channel if the order downloaded.
  • Tax date - this will default to the date the order was actually created in Brightpearl. When the order is invoiced it will either use this date, or today’s date (as per settings), a small info icon next to the field indicates that it will update on invoicing. You can change this date on an order but if Brightpearl is set to use today’s date on invoicing it will be overridden.
  • Payment due date - this will default based on the tax date and contact credit terms. When the order is invoiced it will either remain as it is or will be updated based on the tax date used for the invoice and the contact credit terms (as per settings). You can change this date on an order but if Brightpearl is set to update it on invoicing it will be overridden - it can be manually changed again later.

order dates

Total stock quantity count now also displayed on purchases & credits

To display the total number of ordered items on orders and credits you will need to activate the shipping quotes section at Settings > Sales > Sales settings.

item qty PO

Batch deleting goods-out notes

Goods-out notes can now be deleted in batches via Sales > Goods-out notes due to…

batch delete GN

Display stock quantities on purchase order rows

The current stock quantities for a product have always been displayed on sales order rows, we’ve now added them for purchases as well so that when ordering an item you can immediately see its current stock status. When the order row is added the colour represents the current on-hand status - green for items available on-hand and red for none available on-hand. When the order is saved the order row colour will begin representing the received status, as it has always been - green to represent all items have been received, red for items remaining to be received.

stock qty PO

Send cc, bcc emails

Previously, adding additional email addresses when emailing a customer would send an entirely separate email to each person. Now you can send individual emails, or cc or bcc other people on the same email.

cc bcc emails

General contact improvements

EOM Credit terms improvements - templates & contact import

In our last release we added the option for Net or EOM Net credit terms on your contacts. We’ve now completed this work by updating the templates widgets and including the option to add or update this field using the customer/supplier import.

Use these three widgets on your templates:


credit terms template

New fields when adding a staff member

In preparation for breaking down user access by apps, such as Brightpearl back office and Brightpearl POS the layout of the add staff member modal is changing. In relation to our new improved POS, you can set a maximum discount the staff member can set - this is not currently used for Brightpearl back office or our existing POS. You will also notice some new fields and options for recording job title and role.

add staff member

Other improvements

New sales reports permission

When Sales > Sales report permission is OFF, a user cannot access:

  • Sales dashboard
  • Sales reports
  • Sales workflow settings

Order payment status displayed on product info pop-up

It’s now possible to see the payment status of sales orders where stock items have been allocated. When viewing a product information (by clicking on the SKU within an order, or on the stock level on product lists) It is useful to know when stock is being held for an order which hasn’t been paid in case you need to release it for another sale which is urgent and definitely going ahead.

product details payment status

General apps & app store improvements

Amazon payments & fees

Amazon payments and fees are accounted for when your settlement report is provided by Amazon. Before version 4.90, the accounting was contained within a single journal. Now, due to the changes introduced by order payments, you will see the payment accounted for in an SR journal and the fees accounted for in a separate BP journal. The accounting effects are the same.

eBay global shipping program is supported

In this release an order to be shipped to an eBay distribution centre will be allocated the correct delivery address to ensure your goods-out notes and shipment automatically go to the correct place. Any changes needed to the shipping cost on the order are not currently handled and will need to be edited manually.

PayPal app now shown in the App Store

The PayPal integration has now been added to the app store, so we’ve removed the old activation screen (Settings > Other > Payment methods). Once activated the app will provide a button to the settings screen.

Sagepay app now shown in the App Store

The Sagepay integration has now been added to the app store, so we’ve removed the old activation screen (Settings > Other > Payment methods). Once activated the app will provide a button to the settings screen.

sagepay paypal apps

If you already have PayPal and/or Sagepay installed we’ve automatically switched on the app and created you a payment method. As part of the introduction of order payments we will also have created a payment method for each bank account, so you may want to check that you don’t have duplicated payment methods at Settings > Company > Payment methods.

settings payment methods gateways

New filters & messaging in the App Store

New filters will help you browse for apps. You will be able to browse for apps included in your subscription with Brightpearl, those you can add on top, or those available from third party developers. If you have a particular area of Brightpearl you’re looking to add functionality to try browsing by category such as fulfilment, inventory or accounting.

Warehouse types

In preparation for future apps and reporting features it’s now possible to set a warehouse type. All your existing warehouses will default to “Warehouse”.  They aren’t used for anything in Brightpearl just yet.

Warehouse zones

In preparation for future apps and reporting features it’s now possible to create warehouse zones. These will work as an extra grouping level for warehouse locations. They aren’t used for anything in Brightpearl just yet.

API improvements

Please refer to our 4.90 & 4.91 API changes guide for the updates that will need to be made to apps

New API - Location SEARCH
Journal SEARCH API slow
[WS] Stock Correction POST no validation for existence of nominal code is performed
Add 'quantity' to Order Row PATCH
Add "fixed rate" to order POST and GET
PM: Add Height, Width and Length to Product POST
Contact status PUT
Contact custom field data and metadata GET, PATCH
Update journal-entry POST to validate correctly for accounting period
Make new accounting services public / deprecate old services
Zone POST to create a new zone w/ validation
Zone GET to return list of zones
Zone PATCH to update a zone name
Add warehouse zone to API: Warehouse location GET
Location PUT
Location POST to accept zone ID property
Add 'Product status' to Product GET and SEARCH
Update order row POST to reject archived products
Product status POST(Internal validation for archiving a product)
payment-method POST
payment-method PUT
payment-method GET
new endpoint accounting-service/customer-payment POST
new endpoint accounting-service/supplier_payment POST
CustomerPayment SEARCH : new endpoint
SupplierPayment SEARCH : new endpoint
sale-payment-total / purchase-payment-total GET : new endpoints
Is MC on or off? Using integration service account-config GET : multiCurrencyEnabled
New warehouse endpoint to break FIFO
New endpoint invoice/purchase-payment POST
PaymentAuth SEARCH : Search customer payments
PaymentAuth GET : Retrieve Customer Payments
PaymentAuth POST : Create Customer Payment


Removal of Customer > Take payment, and Supplier > Make payment screens

These screens have been removed to help simplify the application. The same functionality is provided on the Customers > Aged Debtors (or Accounts Receivable) screen and Suppliers > Aged Creditors (or Accounts Payable) screen. By streamlining our application it becomes easier to learn how to use and also means we are able to ensure quality of the application, by reducing the test requirement needed.

Alternatively, a customer/supplier search and using the mini tabs to navigate directly to the payment allocation screen will also provide a fast route to record a payment.

allocate payment

Add new quote or invoice is now add new order

When adding a new sales order you could select to add “New quote” or a “New invoice”. Both of these options added a new order, the only difference being the status on which the order was created, as defined in the Sales Settings. To make Brightpearl less cluttered and more easily understood we have now made this a single option for “New order”. You can choose what status the order starts on, and after that it can be updated manually either within the order, or using the batch processing options on the sales list.

add new order

Order refs on journals are locked

The order reference on a journal is no longer an editable field. All order references on journals are assigned based on the order the transaction was made against. Entering or editing an order reference on a journal will have no affect on the status of the order (the introduction of order payments means payments can no longer be allocated to orders in this way) and therefore may mean that the accounting displays different information that the orders module. To prevent this from happening the field is now locked. Any changes needed must be made via the original order.

journal edit order

Account balances on chart of accounts no longer display by default

For performance reasons the account balance for each account code no longer displays by default on the chart of accounts. If you do wish to view the current account balance from this screen you can click the Display link for an individual code. Remember the trial balance report also shows your chart of accounts and balances.

COA values

Payment method field has been removed from contacts

The payment methods field on a contact wasn’t used for anything anymore and so we’ve removed it. You will now find payment methods are recorded per payment recorded against each order.

Customer/supplier financials screen is now the GL filtered

You may notice some minor changes to the financial history on a contact record. This is because we have made a technical change to how this screen is generated. Rather than being a completely separate screen it is now the general ledger. When the general ledger is filtered by a contact and account code 2100 or 1100 you will see the financial history of the contact. This means that you can simply apply the filters to the general ledger to access their financial history, or you can continue to navigate to it via the links on the contact.

As part of these changes we chose not to transfer the options to send an email or SMS from this screen. We recommend accessing the same features from the customer/supplier list or within the contact record:

Email using the icon next to the email address in the contact information:

emails contact

Send an SMS from the timeline:

timeline contact options

Recent payments are no longer displayed on customer/supplier payment allocation screen

The recent payments section of the payment allocation screen has been removed. All these details can be found on the contact financial history, including the option to print checks (US) and remittance advice.

Show hide/mapping codes & the IRIS report have been removed

The map code on a account (nominal) code enables you to reference a different code ID than the one assigned by Brightpearl. This could then be used to replace the Brightpearl code throughout the application. However, this feature was no longer fully functional. We took the decision to remove the setting for this option since the alternative is to put your preferred code into the account name and to simply hide the Brightpearl codes (with another setting). The Mapped Trial Balance Report or IRIS Export also used these mapping codes, providing a list of accounts with their balances with the Brightpearl account code and the mapped code. This same report can be achieved using the main trial balance report and including the mapped code (in the filters), so we’ve removed the duplication. Removing code means we can more easily build and test the rest of Brightpearl.

Amazon refunds no longer supported

Now that orders are marked as paid by order_payments each sales channel which creates payments needed to be updated to create order payments instead of sales receipts to ensure that they continued to work. Up until now Amazon has also downloaded sales receipts for refunds, marking the original sales order as unpaid. These refunds could easily be re-allocated to the sales credit within the accounting module. Now that order payments are being created the process Brightpearl the same process would not move the refund from the original order to the credit. The new workflow involved completely reversing what Brightpearl was doing with the refund, and therefore creating additional work for you. Until the handling of Amazon returns and refunds can be improved we have removed this step to save you time.

Customer quick invoice/credit reference

When a customer quick invoice or credit is entered, Brightpearl will generate the invoice reference - just as it would for an invoice created via an order. Previously it was possible to override the invoice reference and enter your own.

Flat Rate VAT (FRV) setting

The way flat rate VAT was handled is not compatible with our new multi-currency functionality. If your account is using FRV you will already have been contacted regarding this change. If you need more help, please contact our support team.

Repeat transactions are no longer supported

The way we currently handle repeat transactions is not compatible with our new multi-currency functionality which introduces the ability to process foreign currency bank transactions. Due to repeat transactions not being widely used and because of our focus on delivering larger improvements, we have decided that we will not develop the repeat transactions feature further at this time.

Obsolete cost price field on POs has been removed

Up until now there has been an extra “cost price list” field on a purchase order which was not used for anything - it is only relevant on sales. This field has now been removed from purchases.

EPOS payment report changes

The POS payment report will now display payments for all orders taken created on that channel (or till). This means that if an order is created on till 1 as set as pending, then recalled on till 2 where payment is taken, the payment will show on the report for till 1.

Remove obsolete setting for cash till

An obsolete setting has been removed for “Cash till account” at Settings > Company > Accounting: Account codes or Nominal codes.

Add new price list from price list selector has been removed

It is no longer possible to add a new price list from the drop-down on a contact. This was added as a trial of the feature to see if this is something that can be introduced across the whole application. We have been concentrating our efforts on more important features and so for the time being we have removed this trial feature.

Channel filter on accounts payable (aged creditors) report has been removed

The channel filter has been removed from the accounts payment (aged creditors) report. This filter was not useful since contacts do not have a channel and invoices for a single contact could have multiple channels, therefore filtering by channel meant that partial balances for contacts were displayed.

Release payment filter & batch action from sales list has been removed

This feature was previously used for marking deferred Sagepay payments as captured (they also had to be marked as captured directly within SagePay). We are currently developing a new app for handling payment gateways which will offer a wider selection of providers plus consistent and improved features. This means that our existing SagePay integration will be migrated into the new version where better handling of deferred payments will be reintroduced. If a deferred payment is taken in SagePay using the current integration it will mark the order as paid straight away. The payment will just need to be marked as captured directly within SagePay.

Bank activity chart has been removed

We discovered that the bank activity chart was hardly used. To ensure we concentrated our efforts on developing multi-currency without trying to maintain old and unused features, we have removed this one. You’ll also notice that the “view transactions” link has changed to “Bank activity” - the name of the report.

Bug fixes

Code Description
BP-13336 (7) [eBay] Orders Duplicated - single item orders
BP-13617 (18) [eBay] Error when trying to access or create eBay listings
BP-15348 Each time inventory changes, 2 updates sent to Magento per product
BP-15554 Incorrectly trying to pull the supplier from the bundle item itself on batch purchasing orders from a sales order.
BP-15778 (2) Customer Discount causes bundle prices to "double"
BP-15806 (2) eBay listing widgets not pulling "select option" custom field data correctly
BP-15880 (8) [Amazon] - Amazon order download problems for USE1
BP-10958 (3) [RM-1] When importing Chart of accounts into US account, accounts are assigned to incorrect account types
BP-11616 (2) PDF documents show different Order Row Totals from the Sales Order (in app)
BP-11705 State/County not transferred into Sagepay
BP-14059 (6) [EPOS] Some orders double allocating and others not allocating at all
BP-15311 You can delete the default address of a contact. If you do this for a supplier, it gives a whoops error on advanced fulfil screen.
BP-15730 (3) Amazon orders being duplicated across all marketplaces
BP-5831 (3) EPOS - will not use the Nominal code assigned to a customer
BP-10702 (1) The use of deferred in sagepay direct causes an error message when you use it in the back office - deferred will now create payments straight away read more
BP-11215 [VAT] when using a T8 code on a VAT return, when the posting of the VAT reconciliation is done, it includes this value in the journal
BP-11273 [VCA] when using a bank payment with T4 this will only show on the return in box 6
BP-12905 import@brightpearl.com is being seen in the catchall email on a configured SMTP server
BP-13571 Not able to add bank account from the accounting menu on US accounts
BP-13683 (2) [eBay] sales not respecting 'taxable: no' on products in US tax workflow
BP-14236 Setting Amazon order download activation date through the UI is not respected
BP-14614 (2) Magento Payments Not Downloading
BP-14824 (1) eBay orders downloading with incorrect delivery method
BP-15351 [EPOS] Adding MISC item with Tax to EPOS orders adds other items to the order
BP-15578 Creation of ghost contact record on contact creation
BP-15623 Ability to change customer type by contact update (XLS)
BP-15824 Customers can be changed into suppliers (and vice versa) when there are orders against the contact record
BP-15625 [DB Update] Submit a data fix to remove ghost contact records
BP-15628 Chart of accounts page times out for account bwruk
BP-15708 Brightpearl removing 'postage rate tables' shipping methods from listings
BP-15731 Unable to download eBay listings with long EAN/UPC numbers
BP-15747 Batch drop-ship purchase orders aren't respecting several parent order fields
BP-15829 Cannot download eBay order for a bundle containing no stock-tracked items
BP-15967 [BigCommerce] Tracking Ref number stopped pushing to BigCommerce from BP since November 18
BP-16110 [Auth.net] When payment is taken in BP via the App - it's recorded in Auth.net but in BP the SR journal is not created
BP-16149 Prevent user removing shipped items from Drop ship purchase order ( DSPO )
BP-16262 Amazon order did not download and no channel alert was produced (account: bathroombubblesltd1)
BP-16264 BP allows duplicate Invoice number - Bill number for different Vendors causing wrong balance issues on the Accounts payable report
BP-16280 (8) PO remains in partially received state even after being fully received due to multiple batch IDs and manual stock adjustments
BP-16302 [EKM] Orders do not download if a shipping address is missing
BP-11367 (5) [eBay] Updated shipping methods in eBay are not pulled into the shipping method field in Brightpearl
BP-12275 (2) [eBay] Updating QTY also triggers a 'Postage Terms' revision every time
BP-12840 (7) [BigCommerce] [EKM] was not updated for the stock when the Purchase order was received
BP-13857 (6) Exporting data only exports the first page
BP-14350 (7) Product variants no longer showing in variant order
BP-14762 (12) The outstanding statement report is showing incorrect values - payment amount is double
BP-15017 (11) When updating linked items ticking the Update item without updating the other sisters causes a whoops error
BP-15765 (10) Helpdesk tickets are not displaying notes
BP-15966 [Shopify] Orders downloading with product lines missing for account cuyana
BP-16256 [amazon] Unable to update and save Amazon channel settings: "Unable to update all of your settings."
BP-10809 After searching by customer First name cannot reorder the list alphabetically by last name anymore
BP-12219 (2) Primary contact name and address should be used as the "invoice to" on a sales order created against a secondary contact
BP-12299 (4) When re-invoicing an order when "use today as tax date" is on, old invoice reference is not used
BP-12900 (4) Changing Primary contact addresses do not update Secondary contact addresses
BP-13558 (2) Exports of accounting reports give an incorrect number of rows, and output format prepends a ' to rows
BP-13958 (7) Smart form created in BP the link doesn't load anything on the page when added to the website.
BP-15322 (9) When using the Use today as tax date when invoicing it changes the date on the order straight away
BP-15466 (6) 'Do refund with SagePay' modal incorrect on sales credits
BP-15555 (4) Currency Symbol missing on order totals
BP-15856 Sales Tax Detail Report - export displays incorrect date in both xls & PDF format
BP-15858 Cannot take Sagepay payments via the portal (vendoremail is invalid)
BP-15915 (3) Channels: connected / not connected to filter generates whoops error for connector channels
BP-10459 When transferring money by Bank transfer the system is only showing £1 and creating a journal for £1
BP-11204 Quick Invoices / Credits Create an Order Reference Number that Generates Whoops Error when Clicked
BP-11399 The addition of shipping overwrites the details of the first line of the order - Rubadubltd
BP-11785 (1) Ensure that "Product Last Modified" is populated in the Products Table
BP-12006 (4) When using the add row on a journal where the last row has been closed the new row is a duplicate of the last row and is closed too
BP-12240 The exchange rate calculation is not working correctly on some payments on sales
BP-12907 (2) [Shopify] Orders download with incorrect order total amount.
BP-13198 (3) [EKM] some payments are not downloading with the orders
BP-13352 Reconciled = No filter in general ledger not working correctly
BP-14069 When using the Nominal summary report the end balance does not match when running a part period to running a full period - Dreamkayaks
BP-14335 Unable to remove creator from a reassigned helpdesk ticket + general improvements
BP-14405 (3) When you use the Defer Cost of sales the deferred journal does not keep the channel ID
BP-14792 (3) You are unable to ship or edit orders (eg add note) on a order that is in a closed accounting period
BP-14941 API Rest searches do not return results for queries with comma character ( ' or %27)
BP-15177 (6) [ShipStation] Some line quantities for orders in ShipStation are not the same as the orders in Brightpearl
BP-15325 Unable to access SKU tab when editing variants
BP-15357 [Shopify POS] - Partial Refunds not downloading to Brightpearl as SC
BP-15472 Discount doesn't get applied to purchase orders
BP-15532 Sending e-mail from Recent Sales Screen doesn't respect template columns
BP-15538 The Bank account is pre-populated on the allocate payment screen
BP-15565 Able to retain price list ID assigned to Contact defaults after the Price list ID was deleted on the account
BP-15606 Some EKM orders are downloading as cancelled with incomplete customer details.
BP-15657 Approving a quote doesn't update the status of the quote when there are no comments in the box
BP-15683 Batch invoice POs should show values in order currency
BP-15688 LAKSHMI-'Misc' products (IDs 1000 & 1001) have a weight of 100 units
BP-15690 In Bank Activity Screen, the Order ID link should take you to the order, not back to the same screen.
BP-15691 Updating assignments on orders is inconsistent
BP-15694 [API]Large field lengths cause 500/400 errors
BP-15715 Drop shipping bundled products not working correctly
BP-15717 When using batch dropship and a sales order has 2 lines with the same SKU only 1 line is bright to the Purchase order
BP-15740 Delivery Date' shows as '"CHECKOUT_TEXT_DELIVERY_DATE" in Portal
BP-15771 (4) Event confirmation email uses Today as start date regardless of actual start date
BP-15788 [Amazon] Amazon Canada listings downloaded incorrectly for msginc
BP-15790 [eBay] UPC field not available for listings
BP-15792 Reference' data doesn't display if the modification reason contains a hash
BP-15809 Authorize.net configuration error for account abstiles
BP-15830 Negative values submitted within SR POST create overpayment
BP-15838 Label printing modal does not render correctly in some resolutions / display sizes
BP-15877 Authorize.net error when card post code does not match order post code
BP-15930 [3] - Default Warehouse address not correct on Purchase Orders
BP-15945 Whoops error when attempting to delete a primary supplier for existing product(s)
BP-15946 Cannot add bundle to order if any of the component SKUs are set to use grid view.
BP-15972 (2) [EKM] Orders are downloading with no tax showing on the order
BP-15975 SQL error thrown if an apostrophe is found in the address fields for the channel branding
BP-16007 Order created via API doesn't use accounts email but back office does
BP-16010 [SQL] Webstore functionality still showing in app
BP-16022 When filtering the contact list for more than 100 results, the next page of results gives an 'Invalid search query' error
BP-16028 [Webhooks] Order status update webhook not firing when updated via clone to PO
BP-16037 Can't display more than 50 coupons in a page
BP-5052 [DB-update] Expense claims over £10,000 are added as £9,999.99
BP-5689 Remittance advice showing incorrect paid amount for purchase credits
BP-5755 Filters on reports are showing as blue instead of grey
BP-10528 Payment total incorrectly rounded for foreign currency orders.
BP-12901 Order total is truncated not rounded
BP-5991 Rounding issue with the payment allocation modal on the sales Order
BP-10741 (3) Brightpearl apps menu not seen in service account
BP-10941 (2) Hide cancelled orders from 'Due to fulfil' screen.
BP-11203 Sales Forecast Report does not display subtotals on Sales Status change always 0.00
BP-11240 (2) Strange characters on Quote when sending it as HTML for UK customers
BP-12059 (2) Using Postcode Lookup for addresses with ampersands (&) in them shows: & after selecting to use the address and error is shown when saving the record
BP-12210 [PCF] Custom Fields have the option to change the field type; but this doesn't work
BP-12264 Open Sales & Quotes pane on Customers/suppliers displays the invoiced Sales/purchases total prefixed with £ sign even if in foreign currency
BP-13030 Sales Tax Detail export does not respect channel filters
BP-13064 Supplier remittance doesn't include payment reference
BP-13276 Allow adjustment only payment allocations
BP-13428 Outstanding statement aging section does not show a value when the balance of a period is 0
BP-13579 (7) In order quantity showing 4 decimal places on orders for some accounts
BP-14477 MUST: (2) Sales detail report showing incorrect total for certain columns
BP-14542 LAKSHMI(2) Dashboard Widgets not displaying in browsers
BP-14820 Add address widget for 'country' to template editor
BP-14887 Incorrect error message when attempting to receive stock against a PO in some cases
BP-15150 Credit card nominal codes not respecting "reconcile" setting
BP-15464 Item Cost removed after filtering by datamap
BP-15490 Using the < character in the notes on a timeline strips out text
BP-15493 Using a carriage return when updating a text area custom field from the recent sales list replaces the carriage return with rn
BP-15510 Hitting enter in a search filter causes export instead of a search
BP-15540 Inventory audit trail date filter uses the GON created date instead of GON shipped date
BP-15542 Non-standard characters break batch goods out note printing
BP-15553 Accounting permissions don't fully hide accounting
BP-15567 Partial refund on sales credit adds to the total amount
BP-15586 Message entered into the batch 'Send Statement' modal on aged debtors (UK) / accounts receivable (US) report does not preserve line breaks
BP-15596 Adding Fields to a datamap causes visual bug - appears to add them multiple times
BP-15622 Redundant setting for template prices in purchase settings
BP-15632 Cloning a sales order does not clone the shipping method
BP-16246 Cancelled SI journals are being read / validated when trying to un-invoice orders
BP-15711 Drop-ship batch action not releasing stock from SO if fully allocated
BP-15745 [Auth.net] erroneous error: 'Bill to Last Name is required'
BP-15756 Size issue for batchDSPO modal
BP-15768 Changing the invoice reference of a journal does not unclear any previously cleared invoices
BP-15795 (3) Apostrophe in template, Payment reference causes 'Whoops error'
BP-15800 Receiving non-stock tracked item on sales credit causes whoops error in modal
BP-15881 Email content spills out of jQote note template on contact timeline when <table> used
BP-15886 Create new Login Page
BP-15919 Filtering customer list by credit limit for values > 0 makes the column disappear
BP-15949 While creating amazon store system throws an exception
BP-15960 [+Datafix] Orders : Remove paymentIsDeferred from order import data map
BP-15974 Emails are not generated when a Helpdesk ticket is first created
BP-15976 Remove assignment fields from filter on Balance Sheet
BP-15978 Remove support for payment allocation with no contact
BP-15979 Logo missing from the automatic timeout page
BP-15982 Remove ticket delete button
BP-15996 The help drop down shows Sales_tel instead of the sales phone number
BP-16009 Bank account is blank on quick invoice/bill/credit entry doesn't fail
BP-16023 [Datafix] Sales Credit - writing off stock received creates a row in the audit trail without a date
BP-16024 _myCompanyAddress_ widget does not respect the Address format specified in the company settings
BP-16029 "Show bundle summary on quotes and invoices" also affects purchase orders
BP-16083 Allow multiple Creditors lines on a single PI / PC journal
BP-16090 Sales menu display wrong label *Customer by tag*
BP-16107 Product list sorted with variant info not working with page break
BP-16112 When switching on inventory sync - stock should update to Amazon
BP-16145 Merchant can break their authorize.net integration by modifying delimiter character
BP-16153 Poor language in EPOS popup
BP-16164 Stock level shown on 'Stock / Inventory' tab of product record only uses default warehouse inventory level
BP-16183 Remove "New" labels in Help menu
BP-16193 Misleading Guidance on Order Import Screen
BP-16261 Modifications to order date fields
BP-16269 Remove auto-clearing PHP code in db_update
BP-16365 Allow contact.accountReference (customers_code) to be inserted via the API
BP-16389 Multi select dropdowns collapse on first selection and are missing 'check all/uncheck all' options
BP-16421 OrderRounding : Order Row POST, PUT, PATCH
BP-16452 Remove customer_activity and supplier_activity reports from Reports : Accounts : More
BP-1978 Debtors batch Statement Email does not load the template for the second batch
BP-4105 Payment allocation screen : If payment total is zero don't require a bank account
BP-5094 Zero values from integer fields are not displayed in app
BP-6911 (3) Detailed section of statement doesn't appear in emailed PDF after clicking on "Show detailed payments"
BP-7131 Sales Receipt POST skips journal_ids
BP-7236 Cancelling a journal doesn't save the reason for modification note
BP-76 [DSHIP] Drop shipped order price doesn't reflect supplier price break
BP-9471 [Accounting] - When correcting a Journal/ transaction by inputting incorrect number (eg: invoice no) throws exception error
BP-9760 Payment allocation screen : Negative payments not displaying correctly
BP-10608 Cost Tab - The currency symbol is missing under the profit column
BP-10676 Statement Dates Default to 1970
BP-12379 Overpayment error message shown for no reason
BP-16547 Delays or errors in the invoicing process sometimes does not complete serial transactions in the process
BP-16493 (5) Cannot access Mailchimp Settings after new App Installation - page times out
BP-14840 Order paid via portal do not get updated to 'paid'
BP-15879 (2) Bundles do not display price on printed/emailed POs
BP-16180 A PO raised for a secondary contact will not allow you to add any products onto the order
BP-16172 Batch purchase order creation process does not allow choice of supplier
BP-16412 Batch fulfil from alternate warehouse not working
BP-15824 Customers can be changed into suppliers (and vice versa) when there are orders against the contact record
BP-15882 The Outstanding invoice report is not showing the correct details
BP-12072 (5) Incorrect tax calculation on negative prices; minus 0.83 gives tax of +1.83
BP-16078 Primary supplier is ignored when using the 'Batch purchase order' function on the sales list
BP-16039 Applying a filter to a set of results from the contact notification bar gives incorrect results
BP-15574 Bank Reconciliation performance
BP-16250 Pagination broken on 'warehouse locations' menu
BP-16461 Using a # in audit trail notes breaks the 'i' bubble
BP-12948 Sales Detail report data map not returning all columns when exported
BP-14899 Blank screen (time-out) when you run a bank reconciliation that has a lot of data
BP-8570 (16) When using batch invoice for Purchases orders, when you pay this in the allocate payments Screen, it does not mark orders as paid.
BP-16370 Cost reporting incorrect when drop shipping from foreign supplier
BP-15057 [Amazon] (6) newly added Amazon listings never downloaded into Brightpearl
BP-16191 [Dropship] Marking PO as received then splitting to back order doubles fulfilment
BP-16419 (4) [BigCommerce] [Shopify] Newly added products in BigCommerce and Shopify are not downloading into Brightpearl and no channel alerts created

4.87 & 4.88 Point releases


BP-15811       (4) re-Saving a DSPOrder changes the shipping status icon to not shipped


BP-16234       [Authorize.net] Internal Error when selecting Setup for auth.net App


BP-16224       Goods out notes sort order is incorrect


BP-15462       (14) Tax calculation for item_gross widget on orders with corrected tax is incorrect
BP-8551 (11) Contacts created via integration sales (Magento) can be grouped into company n/a
BP-16248 EPOS - When adding products onto an order we DELETE the existing reservation and then POST a new one
BP-15872 Sales Order Cost tab - unit breakdown for misc items


BP-16546       (16) Unable to e-mail, invoice or credit (Leads to a white screen)


BP-16354       (17) [eBay] Unable to edit listings with variations due to GTIN requirements


BP-16688       (2) Cannot edit user permissions even if you have required settings enabled
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