Migrating from Sage

If you're migrating from Sage to Brightpearl you'll need to extract all your data and import it into Brightpearl. This will allow you to stop using Sage and carry on using Brightpearl where you left off with Sage.

When to switch from Sage to Brightpearl

You don't have to switch accounting systems at the end of a financial year, or even a VAT quarter.

Once you have imported your accounting into Brightpearl you should immediately start using Brightpearl and stop using Sage.

What you will need to export

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Trial balance
  • Debtors report
  • Creditors report

Each of these will be imported to Brightpearl.

What can't be imported

  • Historical transactions other than outstanding invoices.

Export your data from Sage

You will need to export customers, suppliers, the trial balance, your debtors and creditors from Sage.

How to export the trial balance from Sage

  1. Go to Modules > Financials .
  2. Click the Trial  icon.
  3. Select File  and click Run .
  4. Save the file as a comma separated value (CSV) file, name it "Trial Balance" and save it in a location where you can find it later.
  5. Set your criteria values to export all transactions and click OK .

You'll need to get your nominals column to accept leading zeros for nominals less than 1000. Select column A, right-click and select  format cells . Choose Custom , and type '0000' in the Type field.

How to export customers & suppliers from Sage

Export your Customer Record CSV (Extended) file. Not all fields used in Sage are available in Brightpearl so will need to be removed from the spreadsheet, try adding a customer in Brightpearl to see what's available. Other fields that are not included in the Sage file as default, such as price list, delivery address details and currency so you'll need to customise your report in Sage. Some data will also need to be set up in Brightpearl before you can import it, including price lists, currencies and custom fields (Analysis fields in Sage).

  1. Go to  Modules > Customers . or Suppliers .
  2. Click the  Reports  icon.
  3. Select the  Customer Details Report  folder, or the Suppliers Detail Report .
  4. Highlight the  Customer Record CSV (Extended)  report , or the  Supplier Record CSV (Extended)  report and click the  File  button.
  5. Save the file as "Customers" somewhere you can find it later.
  6. Select the criteria values to export all customers and click  OK .

Once you have exported the file to CSV, add the column headings, remove unwanted columns and save as  XLS (Excel 97-2003)  type file.

How to export debtor & creditor data from Sage

Export your Aged Debtors Analysis (Detailed) file and Aged Creditors Analysis (Detailed) file. Not all the exported fields provided in the file from Sage can be imported to Brightpearl so they will need to be removed from the spreadsheet. In Brightpearl go to Settings > Data/Import > Import Accounts and download the sample file for debtors and creditors to see what columns you can import.

  1. Go to  Modules > Customers or Suppliers .
  2. Click the  Reports  icon.
  3. Select the  Aged Debtors Reports  folder, the Aged Creditors Reports  folder.
  4. Highlight the  Aged Debtors Analysis (Detailed) , or choose  Aged Creditors Analysis (Detailed) , and click the  File  button.
  5. Choose to generate the file as a comma separated value (CSV) file, name it  "Debtors" or "Creditors" and save it in a location where you can find it later.
  6. In the criteria values box leave everything as default to export all debtors/creditors and click  OK .
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