Importing when you don't have Excel

Products, orders and contacts can be imported into Brightpearl using Microsoft Excel (".xls") files.

If a non-compatible file is used for importing data, an error will be displayed: 

ExcelError 0

If you don't have access to Excel there are other ways to create compatible import files, such as using an open source spreadsheet program like OpenOffice.

Using OpenOffice to format import files

OpenOffice can be used to create spreadsheets of data ready for importing to Brightpearl, but the file cannot simply be saved with the .xls file type for it be compatible.

Excel uses hidden formatting when saving documents which indicate that it originated in Excel, and when these are missing Brightpearl will not successfully read the file.

In order to make a compatible file in OpenOffice the document will need to have either:

How to use OpenOffice for imports

  1. Install OpenOffice

    Visit this website to download the latest version of OpenOffice:

  2. After you've downloaded the file, install it on your computer.

  3. Add a data map in Brightpearl at Settings > Data/import.
  4. Click Export sample to download the data map as an Excel file.

    Export sample data map

  5. When the download window is displayed, select to open the file with OpenOffice and click OK.

    Sample data map with openoffice

The file should now import successfully.


If you are still seeing an error, try entering your data into this Excel document instead.

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