Available beta features

At Brightpearl we use different methods of testing features to assess stability, design and usability. The aim of each method is to gather feedback and make improvements before releasing the feature across all accounts.

All our beta features go through robust internal testing, the same as any other feature released. However, neither design nor functionality during a beta phase should be considered guaranteed or final.

Each stage of our testing program allows us to deactivate the feature if required, whether that is for one account or for all accounts.

Requesting a feature

Please email your account ID and the name of the feature you want activated to design@brightpearl.com.

Giving feedback

The aim of our beta phases is to gather feedback from you using the feature in the real world. We interested in both good and bad feedback, but why not consider the following:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it work as you expected it to?
  • If not, what did you expect?
  • Do you need anything more from it?


Available features

If you are interested in using any of these features, please contact your account manager or email success@brightpearl.com with your Brightpearl account ID and the name of the feature you want activated.

Sales tax detail report (USA Only)

As part of our continued focus on improving features for customers based in the US, we are introducing a new Sales Tax Detail Report. This report can be accessed from the Reports menu, under the Tax section. This report is aimed at making the sales tax process easier for US customers and gives you a list of all order rows along with information that is required for determining sales tax liability and preparing sales tax forms.

Auto-create shipping method for Amazon

This feature will set the shipping method field on sales orders downloaded from Amazon. If a matching shipping method is not identified in Brightpearl it will be created.


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