For each country you trade with you will need to add a country code. Countries are required when:

  • Adding contacts

    When adding customer or supplier records the country can be selected when entering addresses. Selecting the correct country is also important for sending SMS messages where the country dialling code is required.

  • Downloading eBay and Magento orders

    If the country doesn't exist in Brightpearl it won't be possible to create the customer, this means that sales orders won't download.

  • Creating Tax Zones

    Tax zones are used to ensure the correct tax rate is applied to sales in different countries.

  • Applying shipping methods/charges

    Shipping methods and charges can be applied depending on the delivery country.

Go to Settings > Localization > Countries to add new countries. You will require the correct ISO codes and dialling code, refer to these websites to get the correct codes:

ISO code (2)

ISO code (3)

Dialling codes

You will also need to select the Tax Zone the country is within; your Tax Zone must already exist in Brightpearl before it can be selected here.

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