Every country in which you trade needs to exist within the list of countries found in Settings > Localization > Countries

Countries are required when:

  • Adding contacts

    The address(es) stored against customer and vendor records must have a country assigned.

  • Downloading or importing orders

    If the country doesn't exist in Brightpearl then it isn't possible to create the customer record, which will cause the order import to fail.

  • Creating tax zones

    Tax zones are used to ensure the correct tax rate is applied to sales based on their delivery country. Read more here.

  • Applying shipping methods/charges

    Shipping methods and charges can be applied to orders based on the delivery country.

Go to Settings > Localization > Countries to add new countries.

You will require the correct ISO codes and dialing code which can be found via the links below:

You should also select the tax zone that the country belongs to. These zones must already exist in Settings > Tax> Tax zones

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