Tasks, activities and events

Activities are tasks created in Brightpearl that display in your calendar and on your personal "things to do" list (User menu > My Events).

Activities can be assigned to one or more staff members, created in relation to a particular customer or vendor and tracked using their statuses.

If an activity is related to a customer or vendor it will appear on the contact timeline screen to help your team see what communication is being made.

An activity can be an event, a call, a job, a follow-up activity, a meeting, a holiday or any other kind of event that needs to be noted.

Note: Brightpearl tasks and events are best used for CRM- or ORM-specific tasks, when you want to share information within your Brightpearl users and need it to show on the contact record or timeline. For example, you might record calls with customers, or requests from managers to staff.

Creating events

Events will most often be created for a customer or vendor from the timeline screen. Events are private by default - your customer or vendor will not receive notifications or updates.


Alternatively, you can create a task, call, meeting or event using the quick-add (+) icon on the left of the screen, or the large green Add new button at the top of your events list.

Viewing tasks, activities or events

  • For a list of events, go to User menu > My Events, or use the search box to search for "activities".
  • To see your tasks on the calendar go to User menu > Calendar: Day, Week or Month.
  • To see the activities associated with a contact, go to their timeline.

Only open events are displayed on the event list. An activity is considered closed when it is either in the past or has been marked complete.

The calendar view allows you to drag and drop events, and also change the event duration.


Marking a task, activity or event complete

There are a number of ways to mark an activity as complete:

  • Click "Mark complete" from the event list or the activity summary
  • Click into the task and change the status

Event contacts

Every event must have a manager (owner). This person will be able to edit the event information and add other people to the event. The owner is also responsible for ensuring that the event is completed.

You can assign additional staff to an activity. For example, if the event is a training course, you can assign all staff members who are taking the course to the event.

To add staff members to the event:

  1. Search for, and click to edit the activity.
  2. In the People section select the staff member from the Add drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save changes.

Event contacts and projects

By default when creating a job for a project, every member of the project is added to the event with all notifications turned off.

When you assign an owner to an event, Brightpearl will make sure that the owner is set as an administrator for the event on the event being saved.

Automatic notifications

Brightpearl can automatically email the event team members when the event changes. To determine whether the email box is ticked for updates, go to Settings > Tasks/Activities > Activity Defaults.


You can update the email notifications for each individual event regardless of the above setting.

Here's an example of an email notification:


Warning: SMS notifications are no longer supported. 

Email format and information

The message that is sent to the contacts is defined using the Brightpearl templates set up at Settings > Templates > Document Templates. The default template used is called "Task update email".

Staff members will see all notes, and clients will only see public notes in their email notification.


If you are a staff member assigned to an event you can add notes to it at any time.

You can also upload files with the note which can later be downloaded by any member of the event.

If you tick the “notify contacts” box when you upload the file, then all contacts on the event that are set to receive email notifications will get the file as an email attachment.

Note that the customer or vendor will only see “public” notes, while staff members see all notes.

Only public notes are visible when viewing events on the website portal.

Deleting or hiding events

Events can be deleted, but only by the person who created them.

To completely delete a task/activity/event:

  1. Search for and open your task/activity/event. You can find it using the Quick Search box, the Event List in My Events or on your calendar.
  2. When the activity window is open, click on the Delete link.
  3. Click OK to confirm you want to delete the task/activity/event.

Tip: If you want to keep a record of a canceled event, you can hide it from your event list and calendar by simply marking it as "complete". Your list and calendar only display open and future tasks/activities/events.

If you wish to view a closed or historical event you can use the filters on the event list to include completed events.

Activity (event) status

Activity statuses are used for tracking the progress of your tasks/activities/events. For example:

  1. Not started
  2. In progress
  3. Complete

You can filter your events list by these statuses to display or hide events by status.

To edit the statuses go to Settings > Tasks/Activities > Activity statuses

You can add as many statuses as you need. To specify your default statuses for new and closed activities, go to Settings > Tasks/Activities > Activity defaults.

Synchronizing with other calendars

Integrating your Brightpearl calendar with other systems such as Google or iCal is not supported. Brightpearl activities are intended for internal use only. If you need an event with a reminder, use an external calendar or to do list.

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