Creating new users and editing users

There are no limits on how many user logins can be created in a Brightpearl account, but the number of people who can sign in at the same time is controlled by the number of licences.

Adding users / staff members

When a new user is added they will receive an email with instructions for logging in and a temporary password. When they first log in they will be asked to create a new password.

How to add a new user to Brightpearl

  1. Go to Settings > Staff / users > List staff.
  2. Click Add a new staff member.
  3. Make the following entries:

    Company name: (Optional) Enter the company which this user is employed at.

    First and last name: Enter their first and last name.

    Telephone and mobile/cell: (Optional) Enter their contact telephone numbers.

    Max % discount: (POS iOS) Specify the maximum discount that the user can apply to the POS basket once the line and basket discount have been applied.

    Job title and role: Enter their job title and select their role.

  4. Check the box to give the user access to back office Brightpearl, then make the following entries:

    Email address: Enter the users email address. A login email will be sent to this address with their temporary password.

    Email SMTP: If set up, select the SMTP account to use when this user sends emails from Brightpearl. Learn more about SMTP

    Expense account: If this user will be raising expense claims through Brightpearl, select which liability code the claims should be recorded in. Learn more about employee expense claims

  5. If POS iOS is installed, check the box to give the user access to Brightpearl POS, then make the following entries:

    POS store(s): Select which POS stores the user can log in to.

    POS pin: Give the user a 6 digit PIN used for logging into POS.

    Role: Specify whether this user is a cashier or manager. This controls the functions they can perform in POS. Learn more about POS users

  6. if WMS app is installed, check the box to give them access to WMS. Choosing the role will define what they can do in WMS. The PIN is no longer required.
  7. (Optional) Give the staff member an email signature. This will be added to the bottom of any emails they send from Brightpearl.


  8. Save. If this is a new user, they will automatically be emailed their login details.
  9. Upon first logging into Brightpearl, the new user will be asked to confirm they agree to the Brightpearl User Licence Agreement before proceeding into the app.


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