People & Teams on Projects

Each project requires a  Project Manager , a team of additional contacts is optional. You can add further people to a project or job so that they receive notifications and get involved with the online project collaboration.

Adding team members (Staff or Clients)

Brightpearl will allow you to set one or more clients for a project if you require so that multiple staff members in your client’s company can follow project progress, or perhaps you want to invoice to a number of different clients in one project.

Each member of the project can be set with different permissions and each person  will be added as a member and listed in the People information box.

How to add team members to projects

  1. Search for and open the project.
  2. Select  Overview  on the project menu bar.
  3. In the People information box on the right-hand side click the  Add a team member  link.
  4. Enter the person's name in the search box, untick the Staff only checkbox to include contacts other than staff members in the search.
  5. Click  Search .
  6. Tick the checkbox next to each person to add.
  7. Click  Add selected users  at the bottom.

Make a team member Admin

You can make some team members administrators by clicking the checkbox in the  admin  column on their row. Only administrators can see the summary page and can add team members.


You can ensure each team member receives notifications of job and activity changes and updates by switching it on at  Settings > Tasks/Activities > Activity defaults .

Notifications are sent via email and SMS (if a mobile number exists for the contact) using the Event Updates template.

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