Adding / Deleting / Closing Projects

Creating a new project

In order to create a new project, please follow the steps below.

How to create a new project

  1. Go to  Projects > Add Project .
  2. Enter title for the project.
  3. Select a project manager.
  4. Enter the expected completion date.
  5. The default status as per your settings is entered, you can change this if required.
  6. Click  Save .

If you want to edit these entries, click the  Settings  link on the project menu bar. You can now begin adding jobs/calls/tickets and other activities to the project. You can also add transactions by selecting the project when creating sales, purchases or other accounting transactions.

Deleting a project

You can only delete a project if no Sales, Purchases or Accounting entries are attached to it. If you've already invoiced Sales or Purchases for the project, Brightpearl will check with you first, then detach all accounting transactions from the project before deleting it.

Only project admins can delete a project. Once deleted it cannot be recovered.

How to delete a project

  1. Go to  Projects > List Projects .
  2. Locate the project, using the filters if necessary.
  3. Click the delete dustbin icon next to the project.

Closing a project

To close a project the following is required:

  • All jobs must be closed
  • All Sales Quotes and Sales Orders attached to the project must be invoiced
  • All Purchase Orders attached to the project must be invoiced

When a project is complete you can mark it closed so that no further activities or events can be assigned to it. It can be re-opened in the same way if required.

How to close a project

  1. Search for an open the project.
  2. Click  Settings  in the project menu bar.
  3. Change the status to your closed status (as defined in Settings > Tasks/Activities > Activity defaults ).

Only project administrators can close the project.

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