Purchase Detail Report

The Purchase Detail Report allows you to view your purchase orders split down into separate order rows (similarly to the Sales Detail Report), giving you the ability  by a particular SKU and/or supplier to get a breakdown across a certain period of time - very handy!  Find this report at  Purchases > PO Detail Report .

Use configurable columns, filters and preset views to create personalized lists.

When exporting the purchase detail report only the displayed data will be downloaded.

Filtering the Purchase Detail Report

There are many fields you can filter this report by - SKU, Vendor, Date, Order Status; to name just a few! Once you're finished, you can review your orders in Brightpearl or you can export to XLS or PDF.

How to filter the Purchase Detail Report

  1. Go to Purchases > PO Detail Report
  2. Click Show Filter
  3. Select the filter you wish to apply
  4. Click Filter Report
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