Receive inventory on a purchase order

The purchasing process in Brightpearl allows you to bring goods into stock at the relevant prices and quantities all while maintaining the appropriate accounting.

Receiving inventory (goods-in)

All purchased inventory is received directly against a purchase order.

Using a purchase order ensures that:

  • The correct accounting is created
  • A record of the purchase is retained
  • The vendor account is updated

Receiving items on a purchase order automatically updates inventory levels, which will then trigger an update to item availability on integrated sales channels.

How to receive inventory

  1. Search for and open the purchase order.
  2. Click the Receive inventory button on the top right-hand side of the purchase order.
  3. Confirm the quantity received for each item and amend the figure where required. If warehouse locations are being used each item will be received into a location. You can amend the location if using multiple concurrent location management.
  4. To assist in putting the items away in their correct locations, click the link to print a "put-away note".
  5. Click the Submit button to mark the items as received and update stock levels.


Note: It is not possible to over-receive inventory. If you have received more items than those on the purchase order, you will need to amend the quantity on the purchase order to include the extra items, or write the excess on as a manual inventory correction.

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