Supplier / Vendor Addresses on Orders

It is possible to add multiple addresses against a single vendor (supplier) record. Only two address blocks are available to use by default, but once they have been filled in and the record is saved a new block will become available. Every time all the address blocks have been used and the vendor (supplier) is saved, a new block is made available.

Addresses on purchase orders

Each purchase order has three addresses. These are populated from the vendor (supplier) record used to create the order, the default company details and the address details from the warehouse selected on the order.

Main address

This will use the address marked as "default" on the vendor (supplier) record. Where a vendor (supplier) is part of a company, the default address from the primary contact will be used, unless there is a primary invoice address, in which case this will be used.

Invoice address

This will always be the company address from the default channel brand.

Delivery address

If you have multi-warehousing switched on this will always be the default warehouse address, it will automatically update if a different warehouse is selected on the Products and prices tab of the order.

If multi-warehousing is not activated the address is taken from the default channel brand.

Changing the address on an order

To change any address on an order click the Choose link above any address to search all addresses; warehouses, channel brands, contacts.

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