Purchase order list

The purchase orders list is the main processing point for purchase orders, but it can also be used to view a summary of purchases and purchase credits. Using the filters it is possible to view both purchase orders and credits at the same time. Each line on the listing represents a single order or credit.

The purchases list can be found under Purchases > Recent purchase orders.

Filtering the purchases list

Purchase order filters

The purchases list has a number of filters which can be used to limit the selection of purchases which appear in the report.

If a report has to be run frequently - for example, reporting on purchases awaiting delivery - the filters can be saved as a preset for ease of access. A preset can be selected from a drop-down list on the report, and can also be set as the default preset for that user.

To save a preset, first click Show filter, then apply the filters required for your report.

Then click "Save as new preset" at the bottom of the filter:


You will be prompted to give the preset a name:


Once it's been named, click "Filter and save as new preset".

You will then have the option to select the preset at the top of the page:


Learn more about presets here, and see a description of all the filters available here.

Searching for orders containing a SKU

It is possible to use the many filters on the listing to search for orders based on general details such as dates or statuses or on specific details found in the order header, such as order number or vendor reference.

Checking the box next to the search field allows you to view all orders which contain a particular SKU or key word entered as a line item, for example a coupon code.


Configurable columns on the purchases list

The purchases list can be customized using configurable columns.

To use configurable columns on the purchases list, click Show filter, then click Configure columns at the bottom of the filter:


A modal window will appear, listing the columns set to appear in the report along with any additional columns available:


Use the + and - icons next to the columns to add or remove them from the report.

Check the "Set as default" box to set which columns to automatically display whenever the page is first loaded. (Note this setting is specific to each user.)

Learn more about configurable columns here, and see a description of each field here.

Exporting the purchases list

To export the purchase order list, click the export button on the top right-hand side. The report that you see on screen will be exported, filtered the way you've specified and including the columns you have added in.

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