Cancelling & Deleting Purchase Orders

As long as the goods and invoice have not been received, a purchase order may be cancelled or deleted.

Cancelling a purchase order

A purchase order can be deleted if it is no longer required, as long as no inventory has been received, it has not been marked as paid and it has not been marked as invoiced. If you wish to keep the order then you can create a new purchase order status for cancelled orders and place it on that status.

Deleting purchase orders

Purchase orders can be deleted as long as:

  • No inventory has been marked as received on the order (even if it was unreceived it cannot be deleted)
  • The invoice has not been received on the order
  • No payment has been made against the order (payments can be reversed or cancelled)

If is not possible to undo deleting. Once deleted the purchase order is gone for good. If you do not wish to have missing orders then we recommend you move the order to a "cancelled" order status instead.

How to delete a purchase order

  1. Search for and open the purchase order.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the edge of the Save Changes button.
  3. Select Delete .

Alternatively, orders can be deleted in batches using batch processing from Purchases > Recent Purchase Orders .

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