Sales Analysis Report

The Sales Analysis report can be run to report by:

  • Product
  • Customer
  • Brand
  • Product type
  • Product group
  • Lead source

Use configurable columns, relative filters and preset views to build customized report views.

Sales Analysis by product

This report will help you identify your best selling items across all your sales channels. You can use the filters to help you answer many questions, including:

  • What was my best selling item online?
  • Which item did I sell most of?
  • Which item brought in the most revenue?
  • Which item contributed most to my profit?
  • How well did this item sell last month compared to this month?
  • How well did this team sell these items in comparison to another team?

You'll also find this report allows you to report by customer, channel, brand, lead source or product type, helping you find out exactly what you want to know about your sales.

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