Cancelling shipments

Once an order has been fulfilled it creates a goods-out note which begins the process of shipping. At any point prior to marking the goods-out note as shipped it may be cancelled.

Cancellation of a shipment is performed by deleting the goods-out note, this may require the print, pick and pack stages to be undone first. Deleting a goods-out note will set the order back to unfulfilled and will allow changes to the ordered items or for the order to be marked as cancelled (see cancelling and deleting sales orders).

Reversing printing, picking and packing

Before a goods-out note can be deleted it must be unpacked, unpicked and unprinted.

How to unprint, unpick, unpack

  1. Go to Sales > Goods-out notes > Due to ship.
  2. Select the relevant goods-out note(s) and use the batch processing buttons to unpack, unpick and unprint.

Deleting goods-out notes

Deleting a goods-out note will cancel the shipment and unfulfil the sales order. Once deleted the sales order items can be edited or the order can be cancelled . It is only possible to delete a goods-out note once printing, picking and packing have been reversed.

How to delete a goods-out note

  1. Go to Sales > Goods-out notes > Due to ship.
  2. Search for the goods-out note to be deleted.
  3. Use the trash can icon on the right-hand side to delete the goods-out note. The fulfillment status of the order will be updated.
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