Exporting CSV for 3rd Party Warehousing (3PL)

If you're using a 3rd party warehousing or fulfilment system you may need your goods-out notes to be generated in CSV format.

How to export a goods-out note as a CSV file

Follow these steps to export a CSV:

  1. Open the goods-out note. This can be done by searching and viewing the sales order and clicking on the goods-out note ID, or from  Sales > Goods-out Notes > Due to Ship  and clicking on the  print icon.
  2. Once the goods-out note is displayed (the print, pick, pack and ship buttons must be at the top), click the Export to CSV link in the top right.

CSV format

Download sample file

  Column Description
A OrderID This is the sales order number
B Goods-out note ID This is a Brightpearl reference for the goods-out note
C Shipping method ID This is a Brightpearl reference for the shipping method
D Shipping method code This is the code for the shipping method, used for adding to templates
E Shipping method name This is the name of the shipping method on the order
F Created by This is a Brightpearl reference for the staff member
G Created on This is the date the goods-out note was created
H Order status ID This is a Brightpearl reference to the order status
I Order status name This is the status of the order
J Customer ID This is a Brightpearl reference for the customer who made the order
K Customer name The name of the customer who made the order
L Customer company The company name from the order record
M Customer email address The email address from the order record
N Customer telephone The telephone number from the order record
O Delivery name The delivery name from the order record
P Delivery street The delivery street from the order record
Q Delivery suburb The delivery suburb from the order record
R Delivery city The delivery city from the order record
S Delivery state The delivery state from the order record
T Delivery postcode The delivery postcode from the order record
U Delivery country The delivery country from the order record
V Delivery email The delivery email from the order record
W Delivery telephone The delivery telephone from the order record
X Goods-out note sequence When using split/partial fulfilment it is possible to create multiple goods-out notes where some items are shipped later
Y Warehouse ID This is a Brightpearl reference for the warehouse from which the stock is being taken
Z Warehouse name This is the name of the warehouse from where the stock is being taken
AA Product ID This is the Brightpearl reference for the product
AB Product name This is the product name
AC Product SKU This is the product SKU
AD Quantity to ship now This is the quantity of the product being shipped on this goods-out note
AE Total quantity This is the total quantity ordered on the same order ID
AF Total weight This is the total weight of the product being delivered, calculated by the weight of an individual item on the product record multiplied by the quantity to be shipped now
AG Quantity to follow This is the quantity that will follow in another delivery
AH Stocked tracked item This identifies whether the item is a stock-tracked product or not; 0 = no, 1 = yes
AI Product options This field lists out the product options. Each option value is separated by /
Note: Further variants of a product will be listed on separate lines

Each different item on the goods-out note will be listed in the CSV file on a separate line.


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