Assigning sales to staff members

You can assign sales to staff members for handling commissions, scheduling jobs for engineers and so on. To see the "Assign to" field in the sale edit screen, you will need to have set up at least two staff members.

Sales can be manually assigned or automatically assigned to a staff member.

Manually assigning sales to staff members

To manually assign a sale to a staff member, select the staff member's name in the 'Assign to' field within the sale:



When activated, new sales and purchases will automatically be assigned to the staff member that is set up as the 'contact owner' on the customer or supplier record.

Assigning a contact owner to a contact

  1. Search for the customer or supplier.
  2. When the customer or supplier is found, click their name to view/edit the record.
  3. In the Info tab, use the Contact owner field to assign the relevant staff member to the contact.


Activating auto-assign

  1. Go to  Settings > Sales > Sale Settings .
  2. Under 'Auto-assign sale to contact owner', select 'Yes' to automatically assign contact owners to the relevant sales.
  3. Select No to stop contact owners from automatically being assigned to new sales and purchases.

Warning: When 'Auto-assign sale to contact owner' is set to 'Yes', only staff members with the 'Settings > Settings' permission will be able to manually assign staff members to sales. When set to 'No', any staff member can change a sale's assigned staff member.


Displaying sales assigned to a staff member

To view all the sales assigned to a particular staff member you can filter the sales or purchase lists.

  1. Go to  Sales > Recent sales or Purchases > Recent purchase orders.
  2. Click the Show filter button.
  3. In the Assigned to field, select the staff member.
  4. Click the Filter report button to display the results.

You can also add a column to display the 'Assigned to' field on the list.

In the filter, click 'Configure columns' and click the plus next to the 'Assigned to' field:


Then click 'Update columns', and filter the report.

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