Assigning Sales to Staff & Teams

You can assign sales to staff members for handling commissions, scheduling jobs for engineers and so on (the principles also apply to Sales Credits, Purchase Orders and Purchase Credits). To see the "Assign to" field in the sale edit screen, you will need to have set up at least two staff members.

Manually Assign

You can manually select the staff member in the "Assign to" field in the header information on Sales and Purchase Orders and Credits. Any staff member can assign themself, or anyone else, to a sale if auto-assigning is switched off.


When activated, new Sales and Purchases will automatically be assigned to the staff member that is set up as the "Contact Owner" on the customer or supplier record. Follow these steps to add a "Contact Owner" to a customer or supplier record:

  1. Search for the customer or supplier using the Quick Search box.
  2. When the customer or supplier is listed, click their name to view/edit the record.
  3. In the  Info  tab in the  Other Information  section use the  Contact owner  field to select the staff member who owns the account.

To activate/deactivate auto-assign:

  1. Go to  Settings > Sales > Sale Settings .
  2. Select  Yes  to Auto-assign sale to contact owner. This will also prevent anyone staff except system administrators from assigning sales to people.
  3. Select No to stop Contact Owners from automatically being assigned to new sales and purchases. This will allow all users to assign orders to anyone else.

Displaying Sales Assigned to a Staff Member

To view all the sales assigned to a particular staff member you can filter the Sales or Purchases Listing:

  1. Go to  Sales > List all Sales/Quotes  or  Purchases > List Purchase Orders .
  2. Click the  Show filter  button.
  3. In the  Assigned to  field select the staff member.
  4. Click the  Filter report  button to display the results.

You can apply other filters as you require, perhaps a date range. You can also choose to add a column to your Sales Listings to display the "Assigned to" name:

  1. Hover the mouse over your name in the top-right corner.
  2. Select  My Preferences  from the menu.
  3. Select the  Sales order listing columns  tab.
  4. Tick the checkbox next to  Assigned to  to add it as a column. You can select any of the listed fields you want.
  5. Click  Save changes  to add the column.
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