Ticket Statuses

Ticket Statuses are used to monitor what stage each ticket has reached in your response process. For example:

  1. Not started
  2. In progress
  3. Complete

You can filter your ticket lists by these statuses to make sure you keep track of them.

When a customer raises a new ticket it will be automatically set to the status as per your settings, go to Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings .

Tickets will be considered open until they are placed onto the "closed" status. Specify which status is "closed" at Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings .

Create a Ticket Status

  1. Go to Settings > Helpdesk > Ticket statuses .
  2. Click Add a new status .
  3. Enter a name for the status.
  4. Select a colour for the status.
  5. Click Save .
  6. Use the arrows on the left to click and hold then drag the statuses into order for your ticket cycle.
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