Service Levels

Service Levels are used to categorise tickets raised on the Helpdesk and help see what areas are creating the most queries and issues, or use them to prioritise tickets.

You can use any levels you like. You may prefer a simple numbered system:

  1. P0 - Highest priority
  2. P1 - Medium priority
  3. P2 - Low priority

Unlike, Ticket Categories, your customers will not have the option to select the Service Level when they raise a ticket; it's something that you assign to your inbound tickets. You can also assign a service level to customer records, so that all their tickerts raised are automatically given that level.

Adding Service Levels

  1. Go to Settings > Helpdesk > Service Levels .
  2. Click Add a new service level .
  3. Enter a name for the service level.
  4. Click Save .
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