Ticket emails and templates

Each time you add a note to a ticket you can choose whether to "notify staff" or "notify everyone". If selected, saving your note will send an email to the chosen contacts.

The email template used is the "Helpdesk ticket update email" template, which can be edited under Settings > Templates > Document templates. The email subject will be the ticket title, so you don't need to change the one that's already there.

Tip: If you've changed the template name and are struggling to locate it, the template used for the ticket email will always be template ID 3.

Editing the template

You may wish to use the template to display extra customer service information, such as expected delivery times, warranty and returns information, or even your latest sales offers.

You can use the following widgets which will be replaced by the up to date information from within the ticket itself:

Widget Description

The full notes trail on the ticket.

Note that the email sent to staff will contain all notes, and the email sent to non-staff will only contain the notes that are marked as "public".

Learn more about ticket notifications here.

%TITLE% The ticket title.
%DESCRIPTION% The original issue description.
%MANAGER% The staff member currently assigned the ticket.
%STATUS% The current status of the ticket.
%CATEGORY% The ticket category, if selected.
%CREATOR% The name of the contact who raised the ticket, either the customer or the staff member.
%START_DATE% The date the ticket was raised.
%START_TIME% The time the ticket was raised.
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