Processing helpdesk tickets

When new tickets are ready to be processed, they should be assigned to staff members to ensure that someone is responsible for the resolution of the ticket.

Once tickets are resolved, they should be moved to "Complete" to remove them from the "open tickets" views.

Claiming helpdesk tickets

New tickets will arrive in your helpdesk module as unassigned.

This means that no particular staff member has yet taken responsibility for the inquiry or issue.

To view your unassigned tickets, go to Helpdesk > Unassigned tickets .

Staff members can claim tickets from the unassigned ticket listing by clicking the "Claim" link next to the ticket. Once they've done this, their name will be entered in the "Assigned to" field on the ticket. If the ticket later needs to be reassigned, that can be manually changed within the ticket.


You can use service levels and categories to highlight high priority tickets and to filter tickets to relevant departments and people who can deal with them.

Completing a helpdesk ticket

When you have finished working on a ticket, you should mark it "Complete" to indicate it no longer requires any action, and to prevent it from appearing in the open ticket listing.

Your "complete" status can be called anything you like - all you need to do is specify which status is the "complete" in your configuration. Go to Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings to pick the "complete" status for your tickets.

To mark a ticket "Complete", change its status to your specified complete status. This can be done from within the ticket:


Alternatively, you can update multiple tickets' statuses from the tickets screen, by selecting them and clicking "Update status". Choose a status, and you can then optionally enter a note and select who to notify.


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