Inventory detail report

The inventory detail is a filter first report, learn more here

Visit Products > Inventory detail.

The inventory detail report shows you what you have in stock right now. It uses the FIFO (First In First Out) method for valuing stock, which is why you may see multiple rows for the same item; items are listed at each different price they were purchased for. Use the filters to view inventory by warehouse, category, product type, or as of a particular date. Where you see red crosses in the Actions column means the items have been received on a purchase order, by clicking on the cross you can unreceive ALL the items on the purchase order. If you're looking for items on a particular purchase order use the filters to search by the PO reference.

This report will only show items which are in stock at the time it is viewed. Filtering to a past date will not include any items which have already been sold.



Landed Costs

If you are using Landed Costs in Brightpearl, your Inventory Detail Report will show a separate column to show the Landed Costs for each item that had this extra cost applied to. 

Inventory in transit

If you have any inventory that is currently ‘In transit’, for example any quarantined stock, then it’s possible to include this in your inventory report. Simply click ‘Show filter’ and then select the ‘Show in transit’ checkbox before filtering. Note that the ‘In transit’ figure represents the number of items in transit at the destination warehouse (the warehouse that the stock is due to be received into).

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