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 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Will all Magento orders download? Are there any statuses which won't download? Will canceled orders download from Magento?

All orders placed in Magento will be downloaded into Brightpearl, even if they have been canceled. However, a canceled order will always be placed onto the canceled statuses defined in your Brightpearl account at Settings > Sales > Sales workflow .

If you want to separate out downloaded orders which are on any other status, you can connect your order statuses, otherwise all new orders (excluding canceled) will be placed onto your "new orders" status defined on your Magento sales channel in Brightpearl.

How do I go about switching from a test Magento environment to my live server?

If you are integrating a test environment you will need to perform the full integration process over again for your live server. It is not possible to simply switch the store setup in Brightpearl to point to a different URL.

Changing the URL in the store setup is only part of the work.

When a Magento test environment is cloned to a live server it is not guaranteed that each and every resource (products, customers, attributes, product types etc.) will have exactly the same ID number. Brightpearl works by connecting to those ID numbers. This means that if an ID number has changed, that Brightpearl will either not be able to find the record to connect to, or worse, connect to the incorrect record.

Are gift cards and store credit supported?

No. When a Magento gift card (code) is sold the order will not download to Brightpearl.

If a customer pays for their order using a gift card the order will download into Brightpearl as unpaid.

How long will it take to transfer information between Brightpearl and Magento?

Sometimes your data will transfer almost instantly, other times it will take several minutes, occassionally longer. This is due to the amount data Brightpearl can transfer or accept at one time, and the amount of data Magento can transfer or accept at one time, and the combination of the two. If many Brightpearl users attempt to transfer a large amount of data to Magento at one time it will be placed into a queue. Like Brightpearl, Magento is only able to process information at a certain speed. For example, you select hundreds of products and upload them to Magento, Magento will receive the data into a processing queue (a bit like your printer when you send several documents), and select each item in turn. You will see some of your products will have transferred, and others are still waiting, over time they will all be processed.

How often do Magento orders download?

Magento and Brightpearl attempt to synchronize every 7 and a half minutes.

If Magento orders download every 7.5 minutes, why does the last download time say it was much longer ago?

If there were no orders to download then the download time is not updated.

Hint: Hover your mouse over the rough download time to see the exact date and time of the download.

Where do I upload images?

You will need to upload all your product images directly in Magento. Images will not upload to Magento from Brightpearl and will not download to Brightpearl from Magento.

My products are displaying in Magento admin but not on the website

This means that your Magento and Brightpearl accounts are talking. If your inventory availability in Magento is currently zero it may be that your Magento account is set to only display products which are available. They will automatically display when they become available. If you want the items to display even when they are out of stock you will need to alter your Magento settings:

  1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration .
  2. In the Catalog menu select Inventory .
  3. Under Stock Options select Yes to Display out of stock products .
  4. Click Save Catalog .

Now refresh your search indexing and check to see if your products are displayed.

But I selected "Make available and continue selling when out of stock" in Brightpearl?

This allows items to continue to be purchased when availability is zero, but does not control whether they are displayed. You will need to change your Magento setting as above.

Why won't my products upload? Why are only some of my products are uploading?

Have you checked your product descriptions? Brightpearl product descriptions (long and short) need to be written in html; however you can use the visual mode if you don't want to worry about html. Sometimes the way descriptions display can become jumbled if the description has been copied and paste in from Microsoft Word for example; these types of program will often apply formatting to the text which is retained on copying across to Brightpearl and cause the problems. When you attempt to upload the product to Magento it can't understand the jumbled up description and it fails. If you are copying from Word, make sure you use the Paste from Word icon provided in the visual mode, or ensure you have removed all formatting before pasting into visual mode. You should double check it looks like actual words in html mode as well.

Are your products set as "manage inventory = yes" in Brightpearl? You are only able to upload stock tracked Brightpearl products to Magento. To fix this you will first need to disable your products on Magento and then update them to be stock tracked. You can easily do both this steps using batch processing in Brightpearl. First, go to your product list (use the filters if you only need to correct some items), tick the checkbox next to each product and then click the "Manage channels" button. Select "Disable on channels" radio button and tick the checkbox for your Magento store, click Update. Now select the products again. In the drop-down menu just above the list of products select "Set "manage stock", select "Yes" and click Update. You can now reactivate the products on Magento by selecting them again and going to "Manage channels".

Does Brightpearl offer support for my Magento store?

No, unfortunately we can’t offer support for Magento. There’s a huge community for Magento though, so there is plenty of help out there for you.

Does Brightpearl integrate with all Magento versions?

You can find out which Magento versions we support here . You’ll need to check that you have the Magento API enabled (see our help docs for how to check)

Can you migrate my Brightpearl store to a Magento store?

We can certainly help with some parts of the work; please contact our services team for more information.

Are downloadable products supported?

No. Orders containing downloadable products will not download into Brightpearl.

Can you restrict access to pages based on customers?

Yes - but you’ll need to add this extension to your Magento Community system.

Where can I get Magento Community hosted for me?

Magento Community is the most powerful and flexible choice, but needs to be installed on a server and hosted somewhere. We suggest a Google search as your first port of call.

Why is only one of my product variants connecting?

Magento requires that each product has a unique SKU number. If your variants share the same SKU it will only connect one product. To edit the SKUs on all the variants in a product group click the Edit Variants link below the product name in the product list.

Why are my prices displaying exclusive of tax?

When your prices are synchronized with Magento they are always loaded as net prices. This is because Magento will also apply tax values so we don't want to duplicate it! In order to make your prices appear as inclusive of tax on your webstore you need to change your settings in Magento. Do this at System > Configuration > Sales > Tax , update the prices display under  Price Display Settings  and  Shopping Cart Display Settings  as applicable. You will also need to change your default country to the United Kingdom in the Default Tax Destination Calculation section.

Will Brightpearl delete records in Magento?

No. Your Brightpearl account will never delete anything from Magento. Including products, categories, customers, orders, tax setup and attributes.

I can't connect to my Magento store / there is an error on the dashboard - "Looks like we can't connect to your Magento store"

This means that Brightpearl is trying to communicate with Magento but is getting no response. This could mean that Magento is blocking Brightpearl for some reason or it might mean that Brightpearl is sending messages to the wrong place. Check the following:

  • Magento user and role - the role must provide Brightpearl with access to your data. Try resetting the user password, but make sure you change it on the store in Brightpearl too
  • Magento store settings in Brightpearl

If you're still having problems please raise a ticket with Support so we can investigate it further.

My test order won't download

Make sure you haven't used the same email address as your Brightpearl user log in, or any other staff member. Orders will not download because a customer record can't be created with the same email address as a staff member.

I've deleted a product in Magento, what do I do?

If this happens you will need to disconnect your Brightpearl product and re-upload it to Magento. To do this select the item in the product list and click the Manage channels button, select the option to "Disconnect from channels" and submit. Click the Manage channels button again and this time select to make the item available and submit. The product will be recreated in Magento and the connection restored.

My Brightpearl product says it's connected but it doesn't exist in Magento

If you can see a price in the Magento store column for the item in your product list then Brightpearl believes the item to be connected. If, however, the item can't be found in Magento admin it's likely the item was uploaded at some point but then deleted. This can be easily fixed using the disconnect feature. Select the item in the product list and click the Manage channels button, select the option to "Disconnect from channels" and submit. Click the Manage channels button again and this time select to make the item available and submit. The product will be recreated in Magento and the connection restored.

My role won't save (Magento Community 1.6.x) (last updated 16/05/2012)

There is currently a bug in Magento Community version 1.6 which means your web services role resources won't save. This means that Brightpearl won't be able to access your Magento account and nothing with upload or download. Fortunately there is a fix for this problem provided by Magento! Check out their Community forum here .

What Magento tax rules should I use?

Unfortunately we cannot give accounting advice. If you want to learn more about how to set up tax rules there's a huge Magento community out there to help you.

My products don't have SKUs in Brightpearl, what will show in Magento?

Magento requires every product to have a unique SKU, so if you push your products from Brightpearl to Magento without SKUs, the Brightpearl product ID will be used instead.

As soon as you integrate your Magento store, Brightpearl should be used as the master system. If you perform certain processes in Magento, the two systems won’t be able to recover automatically.

  • Ensure the WS-I Compliance field is set to "No", find this field at System > Configuration > Services > Magento Core API . This must be set to "No" to allow Brightpearl to upload data.
  • Don’t delete products in Magento. Once they are deleted in Magento there is no way of re-uploading the same products from Brightpearl. You will have to create new products in Brightpearl to upload them to Magento. It's also worth noting at this point that if this does occur you will probably have to retain 2 products in Brightpearl because it is not possible to delete products which have accounting entries related to them.
  • Don’t delete reference data in Magento if it’s linked in Brightpearl. If a Brightpearl product uses it (a Brand for example), then that product will no longer synchronize with Magento. If by accident you do delete reference data in Magento, you’ll need to refresh your Brightpearl copy of the reference data, and then re-link to the new Magento attribute.
  • Don’t change the root category that your Brightpearl store integrates with. However, once a category is created by Brightpearl in Magento, you can move it around (the nesting is NOT updated when you subsequently move categories around in Brightpearl).
  • When your Magento store is placed in Maintenance mode your products won't update. Once maintenance mode is switched off the link will be restored.

I've done EVERYTHING but it's STILL not working! Why is it not working?

Please contact our Support team via support@brightpearl.com.

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