International Sales & Multi-currency with Magento

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Both Magento and Brightpearl are able to handle foreign currency pricing and sales.


  • A Magento account must always be set to use the same base currency as the Brightpearl account it is connected to
  • Foreign currencies and exchange rates must be set up in both Brightpearl and Magento
  • If the exchange rate in Brightpearl is different from the rate in Magento conversion differences will be noticeable

Magento will use its own exchange rates for displaying prices in different currencies. When the order downloads into Brightpearl the currency will match that use in Magento. Brightpearl will use its own exchange rate to then convert the figure back into the base currency for accounting purposes.

Note that if the exchange rate is different between Magento and Brightpearl the figures posted to accounting may differ from from those recorded in Magento back office.


  • Tax rates and rules for international customers must be set up in Magento
  • Tax codes will need to be set up in Brightpearl

The tax a customer is charged is calculated and applied within Magento.

When an order downloads into Brightpearl the net and gross figures are provided by Magento and the integration tax rules are used to assign a tax code.

International & EU sales in VAT mode

The product tax code will always be assigned to the order rows.

For EU sales the T4 tax code should usually be used, this will need to be manually assigned to the order rows in Brightpearl.

For international sales (outside of the EU) the tax code will need to be manually edited if the product tax code is not applicable.

Sales tax mode

If the product in Brightpearl is set as taxable the company default tax code is assigned to the order row. If the product is set as not taxable in Brightpearl then the "- Not rated" code is assigned. All other tax codes will need to manually assigned to order rows when required.

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