Shipping Orders (Magento)

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

All orders from Magento need to be processed through fulfillment and shipping in Brightpearl (or via your shipping application). As these processes are completed Brightpearl will update Magento.

Summary of shipping features

Process Possible for Magento orders?
Partial shipping (multiple shipments) Yes, full lines and partial line quantities
Bundle shipping Yes, whole order is updated
Split items to back order No
Send tracking reference to Magento Yes
Update order status Yes, statuses must be connected
Drop-shipping Yes

Shipment updates

When a goods-out note for a Magento order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl a shipment update is uploaded to the order in Magento. This will not change the order status in Magento - see order statuses below.

shipment update

Shipping bundles

Bundles can be created in Brightpearl and connected to a Magento simple product, or the bundle can be created in Magento and the components are connected to products in Brightpearl.

If the bundles exist in Brightpearl they are non-stock tracked items and have no quantity, this means they are not marked as shipped - it's the items within the bundle which are marked as shipped. Since it is the bundle product which is connected to Magento the shipment update sent from Brightpearl is not against a specific product. When one or more items in the bundle on the order in Brightpearl are shipped, all items on the order in Magento will be marked as shipped.

If the bundles are created in Magento it's the individual components of the bundle which connected to products in Brightpearl. In this case the bundle does not exist in Brightpearl. As the line items are marked as shipped in Brightpearl shipment updates will be uploaded to Magento. If partial (or multiple) shipments are made the relevant lines will be updated as shipped.

Editing or removing line items in Brightpearl

Line items can be edited with no problems, such as updating the tax code or nominal code.

If a line item is removed and re-added on the order in Brightpearl the connection with Magento for that particular line will be lost. When that line item is marked as shipped in Brightpearl a shipment is uploaded to Magento which is not specific to an item on the order and therefore all items on the order in Magento will be marked as shipped, even if they remain unshipped in Brightpearl.

Tracking references

When a goods-out note is marked as shipped in Brightpearl any tracking reference (recorded at the packing stage) will also be uploaded to Magento.

tracking reference

Partial shipments & back orders

Since Magento supports partial shipment of orders, and multiple shipments against a single order, it is possible to process multiple goods-out notes for an order in Brightpearl.

Note that if a Brightpearl bundle is included on the order that the whole order on Magento will be marked as shipped on Magento when any of the bundled items are shipped.

Magento order should not be split to a back order. A back order will not be connected to Magento and no updates will be made from that order.

Shipping method

The shipping method will be automatically set on the sales order in Brightpearl as long as a shipping method using the Magento method code exists in Brightpearl.

Shipping confirmation emails to customers

Brightpearl allows you to send an email to the customer when the goods-out notes is packed.

Magento Community can be programmed to automatically send shipment emails. Speak to your Magento developer.

Other shipping integrations

When using a shipping system, such as ShipStation or ShipWorks, it should be integrated directly with Brightpearl. Orders are fulfilled in Brightpearl to create “goods out notes” which are then transferred to the shipping system. The shipping system will tell Brightpearl when the goods-out note has been shipped, and then Brightpearl will update Magento with the shipment, including the tracking reference if applicable.

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