Multiple Magento Accounts

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Multiple Magento accounts can be connected to a single Brightpearl account for managing products, prices, inventory, orders and shipments in a central location.

If you have multiple stores on one Magento account, you will need to read our guide here  to see what this could mean for you.

Connecting multiple Magento accounts

The set up process must be repeated for each separate Magento account.

Note that every Magento integrated account must use the same base currency as in Brightpearl. Magento settings can be used to edit the display currency online.

Each Magento account has its down dashboard in Brightpearl. Access each dashboard directly from the Channel menu, or switch between dashboards using the tabs:

magento multple accounts

Managing products & inventory

Brightpearl is the central application which stores all product and inventory information for all Magento accounts. Each Magento account only needs to store the relevant product details for that store.

Once connected Brightpearl will update all relevant Magento accounts with the on hand inventory level for a product each time the level changes.

Changes to product details can also be managed by Brightpearl but requires an advanced set up. Please contact our Professional Services team for assistance.

Product detail, and product inventory syncing can be activated or deactivated for each separate Magento account.

Managing prices

Brightpearl can manage multiple price lists for both domestic and international sales.

A main price list is chosen per integrated Magento account. Additional price lists can be connected to customer groups in Magento, which also allows tier pricing to be managed by Brightpearl.

Prices will be automatically updated in the relevant Magento account when it is changed in Brightpearl.

Managing orders

Orders from all integrated Magento accounts will download into Brightpearl where they can be handled using a single process.

Orders from each Magento account are recorded under their own sales channel allowing you to identify from which account it was downloaded as well as apply different channel branding.

Order downloads can be activated or deactivated per Magento account.

Managing shipments

Once items are shipped in Brightpearl the relevant orders on Magento will be updated with a shipment with a shipping method and tracking reference where entered.

Managing customers

All customers will be created in your Brightpearl account.

Customers are not associated with a sales channel since one person may purchase via any of your channels. However, each of their orders will have the relevant channel associated with it.

Managing payments

Payments will download from each Magento account and mark the relevant orders in Brightpearl as paid.

A separate bank account (nominal) code can be selected per Magento account for recording payments receipted from all payment methods. They can share if desired. All PayPal payments receipted from all integrated Magento accounts will be posted to the PayPal account (nominal) code chosen in Brightpearl at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > PayPal.

Reporting & branding

Since each Magento account integration creates a separate sales channel in Brightpearl it is possible to report on each one individually.

The branding applied to any orders and the documentation created in Brightpearl is controlled by the channel brand assigned to the sales channel. It is therefore possible to apply different branding to each Magento account.

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