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Add a new POS user

A new user can be added at any time. Simply create a staff record for them and give them a PIN code for access to POS.

Only one user can be logged into a POS terminal at a time, but where several people are sharing a till they can easily switch between users.

To have more than one POS terminal in use at the same time (i.e. separate tills in use at the same time) you need to subscribe to additional terminals. You are only able to have the number of users logged into POS terminals at the same time as the licences you are subscribed for.

Add a new terminal / POS licence

You will need to subscribe to a licence per POS terminal that you will be using at the same time. You can have as many users as you want for POS, but only the number subscriribed for logged in at the same time. Although it's easy to switch between users when they are sharing a terminal.

To subscribe to an additional terminal log into Brightpearl, go to your username at the top and select My Account . If you are on annual billing please call our Sales Team on 0845 003 8935.

See also Logging in to EPOS

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