Taking a Deposit in EPOS

When you are taking a deposit against a sale you can easily receipt the payment and hold (park) the sale until they return to make further payment. There's no need to access back-office, you can do it all from EPOS. In order to use this function a “Parked” sales order status must have been created and then selected in Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of sale . Taking a deposit will reserve any inventory for the customer and leave the order open to amendments.

A deposit can only be taken for sales where the customer is not anonymous, this means you must look up an existing or add a new customer, if you've already started simply click the Change customer link at the top of the screen.

How to take a deposit

  1. Begin the EPOS sale as normal.
  2. When you have finished adding items to the sale, click the Close + pay button.
  3. Enter the deposit amount into the relevant payment method field.
  4. Click the Take deposit button.

take deposit

Note : If you click the Complete sale button the order will be CLOSED, even if only part payment was taken. If you do click Complete sale by mistake it doesn’t matter, you can still recall the order from the EPOS home screen as long as you know the order ID number. The only difference being the order will have been closed (and therefore invoiced in backoffice) and can no longer be edited.

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