Emailing EPOS Receipts

Each sale you make in store will produce a printable receipt for the customer. But you can also email the receipt either instead of, or as well as printing.

Why email EPOS receipts?

Reduce your printer paper costs, impress customers with your efforts to be green and increase their respect for your business. You may well stick in that customer's mind as a business which is keeping up with the times.

Capturing customer's details in the process can also open up marketing opportunities to you.

Select your email receipt template in the EPOS settings

  1. Go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale .
  2. Select your template in the Email receipt template field.
  3. Save your changes.

You'll now see an email address field in EPOS when you go to close a sale. You can type the customer's email directly into this field to email them the receipt. However, this will not create a customer record for them. If you wish to capture the customer details for marketing and future purchases you will need to add them before completing the sale.

enter email

Capture your customer details during the sale process

Change the customer when you have already started a new sale with the default "anonymous" customer:

  1. In EPOS, start a new sale.
  2. Click the Change customer link.
  3. Search for an existing customer or add a new customer.
  4. Close and pay the sale. Enter their email address in the payment window.

change customer

Activate the "Find/Add customer" option every time you start a new sale:

You can look up or add a new customer into Brightpearl when you start a new sale in EPOS. To do this you will need the following settings:

  1. Go to  Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of sale .
  2. Ensure no price list is selected in the  Always create sales on price list  field.
  3. Save your changes.

As long as no default price list is selected you will be given the option to select a price list and use the "anonymous" customer or to find or add a new customer every time you start a new sale. Their email address will automatically be pulled in so that you can email them the receipt.

search addcustomer
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