Discounts & Discount Coupons in EPOS

Discounts can be added in EPOS in several ways:

  • Percentage per line
    Enter the percentage discount against the line item.
  • Overall percentage
    Enter the discount percentage in the field at the bottom of the listed products.
  • A fixed amount
    Add a Misc item and type a description for the line, such as “Discount”. Enter the amount of discount as a negative figure.
  • A discount coupon
    Click the Scan coupon link at the top of EPOS. Place your cursor in the box and scan the barcode from the voucher/coupon the customer has.

Using coupons in EPOS

Coupons allow you to create offers for your customers, which you can place in advertisements, in flyers or print on the bottom of your EPOS receipts.

Create a new coupon code in the back office at Marketing > Discounts / Coupons .

Restrict number of uses

Coupons can have a limit on the number of times they can be used in total, as well as how many times an individual can use it. This allows you to have an offer for your “first 100 customers” for example, which can only be used once per person. Of course, when you restrict an offer to one use per person you’ll need to make sure you collect their personal details to create a customer record, otherwise you’ll only be able to use it against your anonymous customer once TOTAL.

Collect marking data

Coupons also allow you to record how well your marketing campaigns are working using lead sources. When you create the customer and they use the coupon the lead source will automatically be recorded against the sale.

Set valid dates

Use the dates to make the offer valid for a limited period.

Minimum spend

Set a minimum order value on the coupon to ensure customers spend some money with you and don’t everything free. You want a marketing campaign to make you some money! If a customer tries to use the coupon without spending enough it won’t add the discount.

Brightpearl has some powerful coupon management capabilities to entice your customers back for more!

Redeeming coupons in EPOS

Once you've got a sale open in EPOS, click "scan coupon" at the top of the screen. Scan the barcode into the field to add the discount to the sale.  The EPOS console will only accept the coupon barcode, and not the coupon code. If the barcode number is also included on your coupons, this can be typed to apply to coupon, instead of scanning.

Only one coupon can be redeemed per sale.

Printing coupon barcodes

Once you've set up a coupon in Brightpearl, you will want to distribute it to your customer base. The barcode image and code can be taken from Brightpearl and then used on your coupons.

At Marketing > Discouns/Coupons, click the barcode icon next to the coupon. This will display the barcode image and number. Save the image to your computer and use on your vouchers. The number is only needed if you will want to add coupons to EPOS sales by typing instead of scanning.

Once you've got the barcode image you can add it to any marketing collateral you like. Here are some ideas:

  • Design a flyer and add the barcode. Customers need to bring the flyer to the store to redeem
  • Send an email with the barcode embedded in the email. The customer will need to print the coupon and bring it to your store, or even just display it on their smartphone ready for you to scan at the till (some barcode scanner struggle with this though).

Printing coupons on receipts

Coupons can be added to the bottom of receipts. Once you have created some coupons, go to  Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale . Allow staff to select to print a coupon on the receipt, and if desired select a default coupon to print.

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