Customizing EPOS Receipts

Brightpearl web-based point of sale software supports a range of features when printing thermal receipts, including discount coupons, custom information, barcodes and mixed payment information.

What details make up an EPOS receipt

This is a picture of a busy EPOS receipt which includes all the available features; some of these can be switched on as default, others are selected at point of sale and some is how Brightpearl is designed to work.

EPOS receipt

Item Number Data Description
1 Order barcode This is the sale ID itself and prints on every receipt. It can be scanned back into the Point of Sale system to load, either this order, or to create a quick refund or exchange. Note that you will need to a use a graphical printer such as Star TSP100 to print barcodes.
2 Redeemed coupon This customer has redeemed a coupon from a previous sale, or perhaps an advert in a magazine. It's applied 10% off the list prices for the items.
3 Options and SKU Give your customer all the information they need on the receipt.
4 Comments / miscellaneous items Add extra free text items to sales - great for one-off services, miscellaneous items or manual discounts. This is done by adding a miscellanous item without tax and typing a message with no price.
5 Negative prices Use this facility to take a fixed amount of money off the total of an order. Add the misc item then change the price
6 Part payments When closing the sale you can choose to take part payment by cash and part by card. You can also choose to put the amount "on account" so that the customer can pay later.
7 Coupons Choose to display coupons on the bottom of the receipt to encourage repeat custom. Create coupons at Marketing > Coupons, then at Setup > EPOS choose whether to display coupons on the receipts. Your sales staff can select any of your active coupons to display.
8 Custom message Your receipt is a great place to put extra information for your customer, perhaps tell them about an offer you have on or add some terms and conditions of sale. This will print on every receipt.
9 Images, QR codes and logos If you're using the STAR series of graphic thermal receipt printers (like the STAR TSP100 printer we recommend) then you can also add images and graphics to the bottom of the receipt. Here we have a QR code for a lead source, so that when visitors return to our site and register interest for the evening workshops, information is added directly into Brightpearl CRM!

How to customize receipts

It is possible to customize the following on receipts:

  • Logo
  • Custom message
  • QR Codes / Images
  • Coupons


To include you logo on EPOS receipts you will need to be using the STAR TSP100 printer (recommended) or another graphic printer. Follow these steps to display your logo:

  1. If you haven't already, upload your logo at Settings > Company > Company information . Click the edit pencil icon next to your Channel Brand and select Logo .
  2. Now go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale .
  3. Select Yes to Show company logo on the receipt?
  4. Click the Save changes button.

Custom Message

A custom message might be terms and conditions or a simple "Thanks for your custom", you can write your own message using Templates. If you are using the STAR TSP100 printer (recommended) or another graphics printer you can also format your text, using bold, italics or different fonts!

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates .
  2. Click the Add a template button.
  3. Give the new template a name.
  4. Enter your text in the main section of the screen.
    Note : You can switch between Visual mode and HTML mode when entering text.
  5. Click the Save changes button to finish.
  6. You now need to specify that this is the template you want EPOS to use. Go to Settings > Company > Channels  and click to edit your EPOS Channel.
  7. Select your receipt template and click Save .

QR Codes / Images

QR Codes and images can be included on receipts by adding them to your Custom Message Template. In order to print these you must be using a graphic printer, such as the STAR TSP100 (recommended). First of all you will need your image uploaded to Brightpearl. If you are adding a QR code the image will need to be hosted online and then added to the EPOS receipt footer template using html.

Where do I get QR Codes?

QR codes for your products can be produced from the product listing by clicking Actions > QR code against any product. Save the image to your computer and then upload it using your online image host.

How do I add the QR code to the custom message?

The QR code image can be added directly into your EPOS footer template.


Coupons can be used to encourage repeat business. You can opt for a default coupon to print on every receipt or give your staff the permission to select the coupon at point of sale. But first of all you will need to have created a coupon in Brightpearl. Your default coupon and staff permission to alter it are set at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale .

How to suppress printing (Silent Printing)

Getting annoyed with having to click print for every receipt? Use these browser settings to skip the print dialog box.

Note : These are browser settings out of the control of Brightpearl. Change these settings at your own risk.

Activate kiosk printing for Chrome (PC):

  1. Right click the Chrome icon on your desktop (or find in your start menu and right click).
  2. Select Properties .
  3. In the Shortcut tab, place your cursor at the end of the existing text and type "--kiosk-printing".
  4. Click OK to save.

Change Firefox (browser) settings to automatically print:

  1. Open Firefox and put about:config in the address bar and click  Enter
  2. Type print.always_print_silent in the filter box at the top - if you have an entry already there and it is set to false, right click it and choose ‘toggle’ to set it to true
  3. If you don't have an entry already there, then you will need to right click the screen and choose New->boolean
  4. Enter print.always_print_silent as the preference name when asked and click  Enter
  5. Set boolean value to true and press Enter

Please note that the browser will try to print using the last printer you used when you had the dialog box open.

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