Using Barcodes in EPOS

Brightpearl EPOS supports barcodes in a number of ways to help you speed up your processing and reduce data entry errors.

Adding items to sales

Simply scan an item barcode into the large box at the top of the EPOS screen and, depending on your type of scanner, the item will be automatically added to the sale or you will need to hit enter to add it. The barcode value needs to match any of the following:

  • Brightpearl product ID
  • The barcode field on the product
  • The product EAN, UPC or ISBN

You can also print barcode labels for items using Brightpearl.

Creating a refund

At the bottom of each receipt is a barcode - scan this into the box on the right of the screen (you'll need to be in the home screen) and Brightpearl will recall the original sale and turn it into a credit automatically. You can then remove items or change prices.

Scanning a coupon

Brightpearl discount coupons are entered into EPOS using a barcode to prevent abuse and make it easy for your customers to redeem.

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