Troubleshooting ekmPowershop

The ecommerce channel alerts report helps you see when processes performed as part of your integrations have or haven't completed successfully. When errors occur you will see an alert next to the Channels menu and the relevant sales channel, click on the number to view the alerts report.

ekm troubleshooting alers

To keep your report tidy you can mark messages as read, or delete them (200 at a time).

Order won’t download

  1. Check that the email address is not a staff member in Brightpearl. If it is, you’ll need to add the order to Brightpearl manually
  2. Check that the email address is valid (e.g. .con has been used instead of .com). If it isn't, then try changing it on ekmPowershop and try a manual download to Brightpearl. If this isn't possible, then you'll need to add the order to Brightpearl manually
  3. Check that the country is in Brightpearl (they are not added automatically). Once you’ve added the country, you’ll need to add the order manually
  4. Is the ekmPowershop order reference already in Brightpearl? If it is, then we won't be able to download the new order; and you will need to add the order manually. Try prefixing your orders for different channels (e.g. #1, B2B, B2C) to prevent this from being an issue
  5. If you still have trouble, please contact Brightpearl support

Payment hasn't downloaded

  1. If the payment has not been completed by the time the order has downloaded to Brightpearl, then the payment won't be downloaded. We do not retrospectively check for payments so you will need to allocate the payment manually
  2. If you do not believe this is the cause of the payment not downloading, then please contact Brightpearl support

Product not in Brightpearl

  1. Any products  that exist in your ekmPowershop account will need to be manually added to Brightpearl. This can be done by exporting a file and then importing it to Brightpearl. The file will need to be formatted to fit the Brightpearl import criteria. Please ensure your SKUs have less than 32 characters

Inventory not updating on ekmPowershop

  1. Check that the SKUs match in both systems
  2. Inventory will only update if there has been an inventory change (ie purchased / sold stock, manual inventory change)
  3. If you still have trouble, please contact Brightpearl support
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