Multi-currency (ekmPowershop)

When orders download they automatically take your Brightpearl base currency. It is not possible to perform currency conversions during the order download. If the currencies were to be different the values would remain the same after the order is downloaded, but would be displayed with the Brightpearl base currency symbol instead. This will cause your accounting and, sales and tax revenue reporting to be incorrect as it does not give a true reflection of the money received or the sales margin made.

Note : Brightpearl base currency must be the same as your ekmPowershop default currency. Order values cannot be converted during the order download.

Although ekmPowershop allow you to activate multiple currencies for altering the prices displayed on your website, the order is always formed in the back office using your default currency and the order will always download into Brightpearl with the Brightpearl base currency. Find out how to add multiple currencies to your ekmPowershop store

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