Price Management (ekmPowershop)

Brightpearl does not manage prices on ekmPowershop. The price selected against the sales channel is used only for creating customer record, essentially adding them to a default “customer group”.

Prices will need to be updated on both systems, both of which provide importing routines for helping to manage price lists.

Importing prices in ekmPowershop

Brightpearl also supports pricing tiers/breaks, or volume discounts. ekmPowershop offer a Bulk Discounts feature which can add this functionality to your store.

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How to import a price list

  1. Create your file ready for import. This can easily be done by exporting either an existing price list, or all items at Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists . For the import the file needs to be CSV , so export your file in this format:
    how to pricelist import
    Note : Prices must be net (excluding tax).
  2. The import file must be a CSV file, and contain the following columns:
    • Product ID
    • Item name
    • SKU
    • Price list SKU
    • Price breaks
    • Price (net prices)

    No column headers should be used.

  3. Save the file as a CSV type file.
  4. Go to Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists , and click the Import a price list  button at the top of the screen.
  5. Select by which field to match products - product ID or SKU.
  6. Select the price list to be updated.
    how to price import
  7. Browse for the .csv file and click the Import CSV button.
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