International listing with eBay

Each eBay seller account must only be added to Brightpearl once, even if you are listing internationally. Where you have multiple separate eBay seller accounts they are added as separate accounts in Brightpearl - 1 each.

Where items are listed multiple times but in different countries they will all download from a single seller account and be visible on the same eBay listings page.

1 seller account = 1 sales channel

If you offer your products for sale in different countries there are a couple of ways to handle this with eBay:

Passive listing

This option is where you list an item once on your domestic eBay site in the domestic currency but with international shipping methods available. This will make the item searchable and visible on the international eBay sites.

With this method does not allow for localization of language.

The price is converted by eBay to display in the relevant currency for each site it is visible on. Note that where the domestic site uses tax inclusive values (such as the UK) the tax inclusive amount will be converted into all other currencies. However, the relevant zero tax code will be applied to the order in Brightpearl.

When a customer purchases this item they will be charged in the listing currency (i.e. the domestic currency).

When using this form of international selling you will need:

  • A listing profile
    The profile is defined for domestic site and uses a price list with the correct currency for this site.
  • A shipping profile
    The profile is defined for the domestic site but offers international shipping methods relevant for the countries in which the item should be visible.

Downloaded orders are in the domestic currency:

Active listing

This is where an item is listed directly on the international site, i.e. not the site the seller account is registered with and not the site selected on the account setup in Brightpearl. With this method multiple listings can be created using the same eBay account but each displayed on a different site. Each listing will be connected to the same product in Brightpearl.

Using separate listings allows for customization to suit the needs of each site, such as language and price. The advantage of this method is that you are gearing the listing towards the local market, and you can specify a specific price in the currency of that site - useful where some sites require tax inclusive values and others tax exclusive.

When actively in this way, foreign currency price lists are required in Brightpearl. A price list is required in each currency in which the product is being actively listed.

When an order is downloaded from an international site the foreign currency is applied. But since Brightpearl operates in a single base currency the value will be converted using the exchange rate set in Brightpearl.

Foreign currency bank accounts

Brightpearl does not support foreign currency bank accounts. If you are using foreign currency bank accounts you will need to learn about reconciling foreign currency bank accounts in Brightpearl.

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How to connect eBay listings to Brightpearl products (manual)

If the product has already been created in Brightpearl it can simply be connected to an eBay listing. This can be done in two ways:

  • Manual search & connect
  • Auto-connect by SKU

Manual search & connect

Connect one-by-one by manually searching and linking the relevant product record in Brightpearl. This can be used where:

SKUs do not match/exist
Connecting a Brightpearl product with a SKU will update eBay with that SKU overriding any existing SKU on eBay. If the Brightpearl product has no SKU at all it must be entered during the connection process, if one exists on eBay this can be saved on the product.
Listings are from a foreign currency eBay site
Where items have been actively listed on an eBay site other than the one the account is registered with (e.g. a UK seller account where listings have been created on a price list of that currency must be selected for synchronizing with the listing. This must be done per listing.
  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Listings .
  2. Click the connect link below a listing to be connected.
  3. Search for the relevant product to connect. Note that the product will need to be connected to a price list of the same currency as the listing. A product will be listed multiple times where it has a price on more than one price list so it can be helpful to use the price list filter. Ensure that the product displaying the correct price list is linked to the listing.

International listings

The product must have a price on a price list which is set with the same currency as the eBay listing. If no relevant price has been set the product will not be displayed and cannot be connected. Where more than one price is set on multiple price lists of the matching currency the product will be listed multiple times. Link the product displayed with the appropriate price list, alternatively use the filters to search only a single price list.

How to create an eBay listing (publishing)

Products can be listed one at a time or in batches, including variants and bundles.

Before you start you will need to have created:

  1. A listing profile
    It will need to be defined for the eBay site on which you wish to list the item.
  2. A shipping profile
    It will need to be defined for the eBay site on which you wish to list the item - this needs to be the same as the listing profile.

Remember that listing details defined by the profiles can be edited prior to or after publishing an item on eBay ( except the eBay site and variant details).

Creating your draft listing

  1. Go to Products > List products/services and select the product or products to be listed on eBay.
    When listing a product group (variants) select every item in the group to be listed, even if they are currently not available if you wish them to be automatically listed when they come into stock.
  2. Click the Add or remove from channels button at the top of the product list and select the Add to eBay channel option.

  1. In the pop-up window make the following selections:

  • eBay account
    If more than one eBay seller account has been linked to Brightpearl, select which one to use for create the listing.
  • Listing profile
    This will define many of the listing details. They can be edited for each listing prior to publishing the listing. The listing profile selected should be set up for the eBay site or country you wish to list on - it doesn't’t need to be the same as the site the eBay account is registered with.
  • For domestic listing - listing profile site is the same as the account site.
  • For international listing (passive) - listing profile site is the same as the account site.
  • For international listing (active) - listing profile site is not the site with which the seller account is registered.
  • Shipping profile
    This will define the shipping methods, locations and charges available on the listing. These can be edited prior to publishing the listing. The shipping profile selected should always be setup for the same eBay site as the listing profile which has been selected.
  • For domestic listing - the shipping profile site is the same as the account site and offers only domestic shipping methods.
  • For international listing (passive) - the shipping profile site is the same as the account site and offers international shipping methods.
  • For international listing (active) - the shipping profile is not the same as the account site.
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