Cancelling Unshipped Orders (eBay)

Orders can only be cancelled in Brightpearl if no items have been marked as shipped, the order is unpaid and not invoiced. The order will also need to be cancelled in eBay.

What you need to do depends on whether payment has been receipted against the order and whether it has been invoiced. Find the relevant scenario below to help you find out how to successfully cancel your eBay order:

Scenario 1

Shipped19-512.png Invoiced19-512.png Paid 19-512.png

The first thing you should do is double check the order has not been paid. If it has been paid check out the scenarios below.

If none of the items on an order have been shipped in Brightpearl, it can be cancelled. Even if you have completed some of the steps towards shipping in Brightpearl (fulfill, print, pick, pack) it can be completely reversed and cancelled as long as it hasn’t been shipped.

The order will also need to be cancelled in eBay.

An order is cancelled in Brightpearl by moving it to your “cancelled” sales status. Choose your cancelled status as Settings > Sales > Sales workflow .

Scenario 2

Shipped19-512.png Invoiced19-512.png Paid 15-512.png

Follow these steps to cancel the order:

  1. In eBay, cancel and refund the order.
  2. In Brightpearl, process a negative payment against the original sales order.
  3. Now the order is unpaid you can move it to the "cancelled" status.

Scenario 3

Shipped19-512.png Invoiced15-512.png Paid 19-512.png

Follow these steps to cancel the order:

  1. Although Brightpearl offers an un-invoicing feature (which would allow the order to then be cancelled) you may prefer to clone the items on the order to a sales credit.
  2. If using a sales credit, mark it as credited. There is no need to process the refund or receive inventory if no money of stock changed hands.
  3. In eBay, cancel the order.

Since the order shipping status will remain unshipped these orders will continue to show in "due to ship" order lists. In order to prevent this the order would need to be fully completed through shipping and payment. These steps will remove inventory and create accounting, so will need to be reversed on the sales credit by receiving the inventory and processing a refund. Read more about this in scenario 4.

Scenario 4

Shipped19-512.png Invoiced15-512.png Paid 15-512.png

Follow these steps to cancel the order:

  1. In Brightpearl, clone the items on the order to a sales credit, create the credit note and process the refund.
  2. In eBay, cancel the order and refund the money.

Order changes

If your customer contacts you to advise that they have ordered the wrong item (ie incorrect color, size); and the order has already downloaded to Brightpearl, then you have a couple of options to handle this in Brightpearl:

  • You can edit the order in Brightpearl directly, and we will still handle shipping updates to eBay based on the order reference number. However, eBay would continue to show the first item ordered as you cannot update eBay orders in the same way.
  • If you would prefer eBay to be updated to show the correct item ordered, then best practice is to cancel the order in eBay, refund your customer and sell the correct item to the buyer. You will also need to raise a Sales Credit in Brightpearl for the refunded item.


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