eBay payments and refunds

When a customer pays for their order, eBay sends a notification to Brightpearl, prompting Brightpearl to download the payment. This process marks the order as paid and creates the appropriate accounting. PayPal fees are not accounted for.

Refunds are not handled by the integration and will need to be processed manually.

Downloading payments from eBay

Payments will automatically download from eBay at the point that they are received.

This process works by listening out for the eBay API notifications which let Brightpearl know when to download a payment. If for any reason a notification is missed Brightpearl performs a reconciliation on a daily basis. Alternatively, you are able to trigger a download at any time using the "Download" link on the Recent Sales List - this works for both orders and payments.

The order payment reference will begin with "eBay managed payments transaction".

download manual

Paid orders

If an order is paid upfront at the point the order is placed, then it will download as paid.

"Commit to buy" orders

When a customer clicks "Commit to buy" on eBay, they reserve a product and check out later. In Brightpearl, an unpaid order is downloaded so inventory can be allocated. When the payment is received it will be downloaded to mark the order as paid. You can filter to only paid orders on the sales list to ensure that you only ship those which are paid.

However, if a customer clicks "Commit to buy" on multiple listings and pays for them all together, they will download as separate orders and payment will not download.

You can choose to "Download only paid orders" in your eBay settings to ensure that orders will only download once the customer has checked out and paid. Learn more about downloading only paid orders here.

Bank account used for eBay payments

Any payments for eBay orders will be created using the payment method specified in your eBay integration settings.

The accounting entries for the payments will be created using the payment method's specified bank account for the payment currency. If no bank account is set for a foreign currency payment, the base currency bank account is used, and if no bank account is set all, no accounting will be created, though the order will still be marked as paid.

Learn more about payment methods here.

eBay managed payments

In 2020, eBay made a change to how it handled payment processing by introducing their managed payments program. With this program, when buyers make a purchase, they pay eBay instead of the seller, and eBay then disburses funds to sellers directly into their bank accounts. Previously, merchants had to transfer funds from a third party PayPal account.

eBay managed payments gives buyers more flexibility, allowing them to pay using:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Apple Pay 
  • Google Pay 
  • PayPal
  • PayPal credit

Brightpearl captures all eBay payments as order payments.

Refunds and returns for eBay sales

All order cancellations and credits will need to be processed in both Brightpearl and eBay. Refunds will not download automatically from eBay.

It is important to cancel sales or raise sales credits in Brightpearl to update records and create accounting entries, and in eBay to actually refund the money, update order records and inform customers of what has happened with their order.

Processing a refund in Brightpearl does not move money.

Learn more about how to manage refunds for unshipped orders here, and shipped orders here.

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